10 Favorite Planners for the Creative Free Spirited Planners

This is the second part post of our favorite planners review this year. I curated a list of Creative Free Spirited Planners. If you consider yourself more of a Creative Planner Fanatic instead then check out our last post here.

Before we go down the list it’s important to state, that you might use both planners in conjunction. One will be more of a yearly logistic, strategist book and the other planner will just be your day to day companion to make the strategy and goal happen. Most likely you would want to keep both of these on your desk. Or you can also choose to buy all these together in one planner.

Most of these planners are made by creatives, artists and entrepreneurs. I really applaud their work and effort and I love that we are dedicating the space here to feature their work. They really make our creative lives easier and more manageable!


1. Musings Journal 

This Planner is for the 100% visual creative. You get square shapes on each day so you can doodle, draw, paint, paste a picture or just write. It’s the best personification of a white canvas planner.

This planner costs $24 and is offered as a downloadable PDF. For printed copies, check the website for a listing of retail stores.



2. Danielle Laporte Desire Map Planner

Danielle’s design vision is exquisite as always. The design of this planner and the idea of planning my life according to how I want to feel is brilliant!

This planner costs $44.




3. Get to Workbook

If I had to choose one of these creative free-spirited planners it would be this one. This planner combines a little bit of goal setting with daily scheduling. I love the simplicity of it. Each month there is a beautiful art graphic quote than you can take out and frame. Another of my favorite features are the monthly tabs and the project breakdown pages. It’s challenging to find good photos and videos of how a planner looks on the inside yet Elise Blaha Cripe does a great job showing off her creation. We are so thankful for that!

This planner costs $55.




4. Flourish

This Planner has an artistic feminine look. If you crave tons of white and simple space while you plan out your life, this is the planner for you. It comes in different designed covers. They are all super attractive.

This planner is available through Amazon for $10.99.



5. Tools for Wisdom Planner

This is a great large planner that comes in tons of different designs. It also combines planning pages with day to day calendar pages. I like how (as their name says) they provide written tools for planning at the beginning. It helps a lot  to have a little bit of guidance when we are trying to organize our goals.

This planner is available through Amazon for $29.97.




6. Life Planner

Erin Condren is the creator of the life planner and many other tools for the women entrepreneur. Her website is eye candy everywhere. Our favorite thing about Erin planner’s are the stickers and the foil finish – fun!

This planner costs $50.




7. BAN.DO Agenda

This planner can’t be cuter.  Even though is currently out of stock we couldn’t leave it out of the list. It has it all for us, bright colors, simple layout, stickers and tabs. Who could ask for more?

Check Amazon for availability, the planner costs $20.



8. Simplified Planner

Emily Lay has also created a feminine home office dream. The quality of all her products is astonishing. Your simplified planner will come inside a keepsake box. We prefer the weekly layout but we are sure that you are going to love not only the planner but tons of the products she offers on her site.

This planner costs $58.



9. May Design Planners

This planners are a dream come true. You can completely customize the cover with beautiful artwork and/or with your name/quote or any type of monogram. You also control what goes on the inside. All the planners are beautiful but May even offers more than other ideas for the inside of you book. You have to check it out!

The basic planner costs $20 with additional costs for customization.



10. Craftsposure

Filled with surprising treasures this planner was well thought out, keeping it clean but very useful and convenient. Besides the daily scheduling areas it also includes areas for visioning, budget, bucket lists, goal setting and more.

This planner costs $49.

Whew! That rounds out our top 10 list of planners for the free spirited planners. There are so many options but we hope this list helps you pick one that you will use and enjoy all year! I would love to hear about what you liked in this list and if you are planning to purchase one of these or if you found another favorite – let us know!



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