3 Money myth busters that changed my life


Today I’m writing about a very important subject to me. Money! I love talking about money, unlike the average person, I like planning, doing math and get a high when money show me my future possibilities. This is not to say that I equally believe in all the happiness and joy that money can’t buy.

Before I keep going…

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So, this week the tour subject is Money. There is so much to say about Money. Let me start by saying I believe money is energy. Only when it touches your hands it’s energy can be utilized for the highest purpose or for the lowest purpose and everything in between. Just like electricity. You can use it to make light or to make an atomic bomb! is up to us! but electricity it self without human intension is neutral, so is money.

Most of the times is very hard to break down and put it into everyday practice big words and concepts. I think the trick is to keep the spiritual and the mundane perspective together. Let’s move into a different big word (Peace) just as an example to illustrate these perspectives.

The broad perspective

Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

The broad concept that we relate to at a higher level because is a reminder of what we already know

The practice perspective

Practice Peace before you go to bed every night. Think about your day and intentionally one by one forgive the people (situation, company, collective, etc) you had discomfort with during the day (in particular the ones that you think are not important because they are so small they don’t really disturb your life). In your mind picture giving them a hug and saying I accept you, I love you, I send you free! we are all one. Thanks for being my teacher. At the end forgive yourself because your have forgotten briefly your loving and peaceful nature.

An example of a day to day practice to walk realistically towards peace in your life

This is just an example to illustrate how the main big concepts that rule life (Love, Health, Sex, Trust, etc) have 2 perspectives. I realized that I need both of those perspectives to fully experience the quality in all levels in my life… And that’s the magical a ha! moment I had a year ago about money. I was navigating myself only on the broad perspective of money and wasn’t really putting in practice the philosophy in the small day to day things of life,mostly because I didn’t know how but also because there were hidden money myth I was still believing in. So, I decided to embark in a journey of learning all I could about money! specifically how to transform it’s energy in powerful, abundant and prosperous tangible good actions and service for me and others.

Here are the main 3 Money myth busters that changed my life for ever:

1. Budgets are boring. I pay my bills on time and have money left over always therefore I don’t need a budget:

I know what you are thinking! “everybody knows budgeting helps when managing money”. Ok if you are not thinking that you are thinking “budgets are restricting”. I’m here to tell you, budgets are sexy (Don’t we all tend to be attracted to those who are organized and have it together) and liberating (specially when you don’t overspend and live within your means) Since I budget I feel like I got a raise. Every dollar that comes to me has a job. And no worries, when I say job I also mean vacation, fun, pocket money and shopping among many other. You can’t arrive at a financial goal if you don’t know where your money is going and what is doing. Which takes me to…

2. My life will be easier if I had more money and must financial problems will be solved:

Having more money almost never is the solution for your problems. (Just like liposuction is not the solution for an overweight person) Why? because we are treating the symptoms not the root of the problem. On the contrary, if you struggle managing the money you have now you struggles will worsen if you got more. So, is better if money comes when you are prepared for it (meaning you have self treated yourself and changed the money habits that weren’t serving you anymore). One of the things you can do to prepare for it is to have a plan. By plan I mean a long term plan, look ahead at least 5 years. Plan ahead your savings, paying your debt, building a rainy day fund, investing, buying a house, sending kids to college, etc. None of these things will just happen to you (even if you are doing what you love) you have to devise a strategy and follow through with it. The journey to a financially balanced life and to financial freedom could take a while depending on how intense you are and how much of a financial mess you have. It’s easy to get distracted, keep your plan always handy and be consistent.

3. Is tough out there for artists, believe me I’ve tried. I have a family, so I need my regular steady job

I’m going to start by saying there is nothing wrong with having a regular steady job. However, if deep down inside of you, your gut is telling you your dream is to do something different. Then you are not living in integrity with yourself and eventually the consequences of that could be worse than feeling the fear now to adventure into new carer grounds. There has never in history been a better time to embark in your own dream and manifest the carer/business/company/lifestyle you like. There are always amazing examples out there of people utilizing their passion and skills and creating a path for themselves and others by sharing their gifts to the world (and creating wealth while they do it). What I’m saying is. You can be a 6th grade teacher and complain about how your are never going to make more money or you can use your teaching abilities to develop a new curriculum or application were you teach kids and adults about a subject that matters to you through your own private organization. The important aspect here is to remember that we are never victims of the circumstances but that we indeed can ALWAYS be the CREATORS of our own reality despite of circumstances.

I year ago I started an amazing journey towards financial freedom in my personal life and professional life too. There is of course plenty more to learn still, yet today I stand with such a better understanding of the role that money plays in my life and how I get to choose how my money behaves for me and others.

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To close here is something to keep in mind!

I went to a seminar years ago called the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. I recall many things about it but one analogy got stuck with me forever and made a big impact in my life. Goes like this, a father takes his son for ice cream and his son asks for a cone with 2 ice cream scoops. He’s enjoying his cone but after jumping and being distracted the ice cream balls fell off the cone and the kid started crying. He wanted to go back to the ice cream shop and get ice cream again. This time around his dad only got him one scoop instead of two. Why do you think he only got him one this time. Because it was obvious to him that he couldn’t handle 2 just yet. When you show that you can manage something the universe rewards you with more. The way I see it, we are all managing the universes’s resources and the better job we do at it the more prosperous and abundant we become. If you needed someone to handle your money would you give it to the guy thats organized and has a balanced check book or would you give it to the one that has overdrafts and is in debt?

If you don’t know how to care for money, money will stay away from you – Robert Kiyosaki

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