7 Fall and Halloween Packages that Inspire Us

The change of seasons usually means change of some packaging and new ones coming out too!

It’s fun to see the new Fall and Halloween packages trends out there. You would think that all is invented, what else are we designers going to come up with? Oh but there is much more!

Check out these amazing Fall and Halloween packages that are inspiring us:


1. Bath and Body Works Fall Collection

Love love love! How the colors are used with touches of gold and the graphics, everything is brilliant!

Bath and Body Works Fall Collection


2. Kellogg’s Eye-Popping Promotion

I love it when they risk a big real state of the packaging for something seasonal and it still works perfectly.

Kellogs Halloween packaging


3. Fanta Halloween  Packaging

Fanta already has the advantage of using the color orange on their brand and they did a great silhouette play with it for Halloween, I think this was for their  2011 Halloween season.

Fanta Halloween packaging

4. Halloween Crunch Packaging

The fact that they transformed the whole image here is great and if you realize you can still recognize the brand.

Halloween Crunch


5. Dots Halloween Packaging

Loving the glowing effect in this package of Dots, very graphic even though it involves the cartoon bat.

Bat dots halloween


6. General Mills Monster Cereals

These cereals have been in the market for years and we think that their re-design is excellent!



7. Grimm Brothers Beer

These beers are always like this, they are not only for Halloween but I they inspire us just as any Halloween style packaging!

Grimm Brothers Beer

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