8 things to do when you are feeling overwhelmed


Do you feel overwhelmed? I’m sure the answer to that is YES! (at least 80% of you will say yes right away). We are feeling VERY overwhelmed here at DDS. The truth is our work and personal life keeps spinning and I don’t see a break coming in the near future (It is hard to not overbook ourselves with projects we love).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very exciting to be doing all these projects and to feel the growth of our little company happening right in front of our eyes. This is the good type of busy. I never felt so fulfilled and passionate about all aspects of my life than now.

Yet, when multitasking gets out of control is time for me to go back to basics and not only apply what I already know but  also seek new tips and new suggestions, ideas, knowledge and habits that can make me better and also help me grow along with the circumstances. All for the sake of Balance and creativity!


I can testify that my creativity has sparked right after doing any of these 8 suggestions to overcome feeling overwhelmed


So here is my humble list of helpful reminders that EFFECTIVELY work in times when the loads of life seem to never end and as a result we feel overwhelmed:

Do a brain cleanse: 

Your brain is an organ that needs to detox periodically. There are tons of methods to do this, but the basic process is to sit down with pen and paper and start writing every single task, idea, project, thought, or chatter that keep pounding and eating your brain up. Once you see them all in paper, take your time to be very honest and realistic with yourself. Prioritize them and scratch some off accordingly.

I love doing this one, it keeps me on my feet and confident of the time and energy I invest in my projects.

Give to others: 

Part of feeling overwhelmed comes from being too self absorbed and too self involved in our own little corner of existence. I consistently make an effort to take the time and space to give to others. There is a famous phrase that goes something like : You can only receive what you give.

Try generously giving some of your time to others, and you will see how some how extra time will be present for you. A simple example could be to call someone to say thank you (for a particular favor they did for you) or just to say hello, bringing breakfast to people you work with, sending a letter, volunteering at your favorite organization.

The best time to find time to do this is when you are very busy! I know, very contradictory, but believe me it works! When you come back to your life you will have a different perspective and a more clear view of your present (busy) time.

Sleep (more):

This one is simple (an one of my biggest challenges) and controversial. Many believe that in order to achieve your goals you have to work hard, and most of the times hard means long hours which translates to lack of sleep. Well I disagree. Is better to work smart than to work hard and health and balance is one thing I prioritize at the very top before business and many other things.

That been said I’m writing this post at exactly 12:18 am and I started my day at 6am today, I took an hour nap and I know I still owe my body more sleep hours. What can I say?, I always have to keep an extra eye on this one, because I naturally gravitate to stay up and busy at nights.

Leave White Spaces:

Does your schedule have a day, a frame of time within a day, or a weekend where it just looks white. By white I mean NOTHING to do just be. And by BE I mean just be spontaneous (do a new thing without planning it or making it a task). A good example: you are sitting in your living room looking at your tablet and it occurs to you that it will be a good idea to download a new audiobook, as you are listening you feel the need of making a lemonade and going to the patio instead, so you do it.

Make this white space in your calendar a lifestyle and welcome BALANCE into your life forever. I confess I have to practice this more consistently! This applies even if you are the president, a mother of 6 or the busiest person on earth. You can still find the time if you set the intention.

Re-visit your Priorities:

When your priorities are clear, is much easier to make decisions. Quick and assertive decisions help you feel less overwhelmed because you can laser cut through obstacles and distractions and get to your prioritize”to do” lists faster and more efficiently. Don’t underestimate this one!

Stick to a Morning Routine:

This is key! creating a calm morning routine helps so immensely. I’m not always able to do this, however, I have felt amazing results when I put it in practice. It doesn’t need to be a long extended routine, if all you have is 15 minutes that will do it. Tell your family about it, so they will learn to respect that time for you. Some ideas of what you can do:  read, meditate, drink lemon water, write, go for a walk, exercise, gardening, contemplate, etc

Take a walk:

Just stop for a second go out the door and take a walk, breath fresh air and then come back, keep working. Just do it! (sorry nike) it’s all it takes.

Keep going, Don’t Freeze:

The secret of how to get things done and not procrastinate or not end up doing something else is to GET STARTED!. When you are ready to sit down to start that project, put yourself in a space where there is no distractions (even though they are still going to show up) when a distraction comes along notice it but consciously be very strong to stay focus on starting your task.

Don’t think about how you wont be able to finish it, and how you are going to need something else to finish it, just GET STARTED. Once you start is on! keep observing your thoughts to convince you to stop, don’t engage with them. The perfect analogy for this is the “getting yourself to the gym” one. Your mind will do all in it’s power to convince you not to go, once you are there you will get it done and the best part is that you’ll never regret you went.


If you are still here reading along (thanks for staying) and you would want to try to implement these, I suggest you start with 2 and keep doing them through out the month.

If you have other methods you use when feeling overwhelmed please share with us!

What do you do to alleviate feeling overwhelmed?



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  1. Bela says:

    Thank you for this easy and wonderful list… I for sure will put it into practice. I will start with sleeping more.

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