“Thank you so much! I was off to a rough start but it all worked out. The class was great and I really learned a lot!”

-Brittany Sage

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to take your class! I really learned a lot in a short time. Dariana, you were extremely patient with me. I appreciate it. :) I can’t wait to write about my experience and I’m happy to be able to give a class away to a reader, too. Thanks so much; I think people will really be excited about it!”

-Katie Shonsey-Mattern

“Thanks for the class Dariana! That was great! It really put my mind at ease because now I realize that it looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. I’m definitely going to recommend this to Angelica, because she’s not quite as computer savvy and would really benefit from your attentive style. :)

-Chantilly Patiño

“Thank you for the class…you are a very patient teacher. I did learn a lot and I promise to practice some more, so I can learn this program better.”

-Veronica Gonzalez-Smith