Before and After – Fix a poor indoor light photo

Fixing an indoor light photo

Hello! Happy New Year! We took a little winter break over here at Dari Design Studio but we are back with more posts for you!

This photo was taken indoors and as much as we try to white balance a photo, sometimes there isn’t enough time to do so. My white balance was set to auto because it’s what usually works best with my camera, but I don’t think this was best! It ended up so red!

To fix a really bad indoor-light photo I convert it to black and white, it always does the trick! The photo looks much cleaner and you forget about the bad lighting. I also applied some blur on the background to not be so distracting and some stamping (stamp tool) to clean the top left corner and the little black spot on the corner of the Beettle.

You can learn all these basic tricks in our online Photoshop classes, the stamp tool, the blur tool and color modes. Check them out here! And believe it or not you can also process photos in PicMonkey and make them look like this, we will be also adding new PicMonkey webminars starting this month, check back for updates!

All in all it came out much better don’t you think?

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