Before and After- Zoom and clone tool


This photo had good lighting already but needed a couple other retouch effects to give it definition.

1. I started by using the ”marquee tool” I selected the left lady (aka my sister) and moved it closer to the right lady (aka me)

2. The I proceeded with the ”clone tool” using the beige wall behind as target I cloned to fill in all the background. Making the background uniform allows a more clear focal point for the viewer.

3. As the final step using the “crop tool” I cropped the photo making the viewer have a closer view (zoomed in effect) of the portrait.

4. To finalize I adjusted the lighting  just a little using the a “level adjustment layer” and a “curves adjustment layer” especially on the faces

Hope you guys liked it! Come and learn with us these tips and many others.

Thank you Photoshop! for making our photos and our life so much better!

You can learn all this in the following Dari Design Studio Photoshop online classes:

If you think you don’t have time or money to invest into Photoshop, think again! On the meantime you can also get very similar effects using the same tools on PicMonkey (a web photo editing platform). Stay tuned for upcoming webinars. In the meantime check out our sign-up page PicMonkey Webinar for past events.

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