3 Favorite Ways to Acquire New Buyer Contacts at Surtex

In May, we attended Surtex without exhibiting. You can see my impressions of the show here, and other posts about when we exhibited here. Even though we weren’t exhibiting this year, we were still able to make contact with several art directors and companies that we want to work with. In this post, we want […]

How to aquire new contacts at Surtex, find out 3 easy ways!

Free Printable Notebook Covers

Thank you to HP Instant Ink for partnering with us to create these printable notebook covers. While we are not in school anymore, we love love school and office supplies, and who doesn’t love a cute notebook? So we decided to put some of our patterns to good use and make you some useful notebook […]

DIY printable notebook covers

Progress Check for our Word of the Year

At the beginning of this year I picked a word to guide me through the year. The word I picked was CONNECT. I talked about choosing my word of the year here and also created a printable so you too could pick a word. It’s not too late if you want to pick a word to […]

Word of the year progress check

How Morning Rituals can Help Creativity

If you are thinking of skipping this post because you think you aren’t creative or you don’t need to be creative, think again. We are born creatives. I firmly believe we are here to innovate, to invent, to say yes to our ideas and share them with the world. Everything we see, EVERYTHING, was once […]

How morning rituals can help creativity

Surtex 2016 Recap – Insights and New Perspective

This year’s Surtex was very different for Dari Design Studio for two main reasons. One, we didn’t have a booth and two, we didn’t travel together to NYC. I went to NYC by myself and my sister stayed in Cali taking care of business. Naturally, you might expect our perspective to be a little different […]

Surtex 2016 Recap, new insights this year!

10 Favorite 4th of July Digital Invitations

We love Holidays because, well who doesn’t?… and also because it’s a great opportunity to see beautiful art out there in the market. Cute party plates, napkins, centerpieces and all sorts of fun stuff to inspire your holiday celebrations. Since we won’t be hosting a 4th of July party we sometimes think our hours of […]

10 Favorite 4th of july Digital Cards

Balancing your Day Job and Career Journey

I came to the U.S. when I was 25 years old pursuing my dream of being a dancer. I heard about a Lion King audition  for dancers and decided to give it a try. The same day I arrived, I went to a famous dance studio to take a dance class and it was there […]

Balancing your day job and career journey. Great tips to keep going!

Conference Tips and Tricks: Following Up

Did you come home from your last conference with a stack of business cards? Hooray! But is that stack just sitting on your desk now, waiting ever so patiently for you to take the next step? It’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement of conference planning, we sometimes forget that our actions […]

Conference Tips and Tricks

First Quarter Review: More Effective Time Management

Here is a question we feel we’ve gotten closer to figuring out the answer: Do you get anxious about having a bazillion things you want to do because there is only so much time to do so many different things? Answer: Not so much anymore What about you? I think creative people that only want […]

Quarter Review

Are you Ready to Hire a Coach for your Creative Business?

We have felt paralyzed and stuck with our creative business, ideas and projects many times. And one thing is for sure, not all methods and business formulas work for every creative business. Just like people, creative businesses are all different and need different things. We recently hired a marketing business coach and we have had […]