Bloggers Conference Season

Above photo taken by Patrice Saint-Louis Photography

This has definitely been the busiest season for bloggers. At list for us it is, we have 2 more conferences to go and we are very excited!!

The Niche Parent last week was an opportunity to keep learning, reinforce already good relationships and attract new relationships and connections.

It was also about learning more about our customer. Specially, about what all you bloggers out there are eager to learn in the area of photo editing and graphics for your blog. We took notes and soon we’ll be ready to surprise you with an amazing new service and products.

I loved our session. It’s such a fulfilling experience to share and teach your knowledge to others. See what we were teaching about during the conference¬†here

We put together a little photo collage recap of our experiences at the Bloggers Conference below. Enjoy!


We are off to Latism yay!!!!


If you are in NYC please stop by to visit us or let us know how to find you. We’ll be participating as panelists this Friday in a session about “The Business of Storytelling”

Are you thinking about heading to any conferences this year?

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