Building a Surtex Booth on Site : Part 2

After designing our Surtex booth and ordering banners and all other details for Surtex we were ready to build it at the Jacob Javits center. We traveled light, everything fit in our suitcases and extra packages were checked in with us, we didn’t ship anything and we grabbed a cab from our place in NYC to the center.

Dariela at surtex booth

We came with 2 banner rolls, the chalkboard package and a small suitcase, this year we bought the cart to place the banner rolls which are super heavy AND we made sure the apartment we rented from Airbnb had a elevator, nothing easy to find in NYC!

Surtex booth business cards

Decisions Decisions

  • First things first is always to hang the banners with the 3M Command strips.
  • Next, on the green wall to the right, we wanted to hang the circles with a little dimensional effect, so we used stacks of foam board, tape and command strips for that.

How to hang Surtex booth signs

  • Then the chalkboard. That one was when we had to make changes, because it was supposed to go on the left wall (see original design) but the shelf we got was smaller than the chalkboard and both of them would not really fit there, it was too messy.
  • And something else was not working too! We were planning on using last year’s table banner (polka dots) but when we opened it, it was very very wrinkled because when we go back we don’t roll up the banners we fold them inside our suitcase. So that was not going to work.

Dari design Surtex booth step-by-step 2014

Making Changes

  • We had a flag garland we made with one of last year’s banners for the table and that looked good so we decided to hang that. We tested the chalkboard on the green wall, we tested on the other wall side-by-side to the shelf but nothing.
  • The best way it looked was on the table, so that’s where it went! I was a little sad at the beginning because let me tell you, I loved my chalkboard which I made with much love and wanted to hang it high but oh well, the shelf looked very nice by itself too and it all worked out at the end.
  • Even though we weren’t expecting to change anything we never know what can happen so it;s good to be open to anything, and learned that along the 2 times of being at Surtex.

Chalkboard for Surtex booth

Table Setup

Little presents: Last year we brought brazilian chocolates and it was good, so we did it again. Everybody wants a pick-me-up and we love how they are colorful and match our designs.

Surtex 2014 booth giveaways

Our giveaways: The notebooks. We love to give these away because they are useful and our designs and info are included.

Daridesignstudio booth table setup

Portfolio: This was a huge change from last year when we bought 2 big binders with all our portfolio printed, they were heavy and costly to obtain. This time both of us had tablets so we made our portfolio in a pdf and set both tablets there to browse. We liked it better but next year we want to bring some kind of taller stand so that they call more attention.

Dari Design Studio Surtex booth
Surtex logo sign

All in all our Surtex booth was easy to make and we were happy to be recycling graphics and banners from last year. This picture below is how we left the Javits center the last day: Super light and ready for next year!

Surtex booth in suitcase


  • Karen
    October 27, 2015 3:18 pm

    Hi Niñas- loved this post and also your work. I’m going to Printsource next year and found your info. invaluable. Thanks for sharing all you insight and tips. Where did you get those notebooks printed?

    • dariela
      October 27, 2015 3:30 pm

      Hi Karen! Thank you and thanks for visiting. We’re always so happy that this info serves and helps people! We printed the notebooks in a regular printshop close to us, it was digital printed 😉

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