Building a Surtex Booth Step-by-Step: Part 1

Surtex 2014 has come and gone but we have tons we want to share with you. First is how we build Dari Design Studio’s Surtex booth this year.

Our booth designs are not so complicated in terms of building elements but it is always fascinating to see the design process of anything isn’t it? And meanwhile I’m sure it might help many of you on inspiration, ideas and useful information on building your booths in the future, we never know!


This was Dari Design’s last year’s Surtex booth, the design on paper or in the computer and the final booth in real life (click to make it bigger):

Dari Design Booth Surtex 2013


Surtex Booth 2014

This year we advertised in many licensing magazines and we made a video, everything with the same branding, the blackboard circle with our logo. So we decided to take that branding to our booth as well.


Dari Design Booth Surtex 2014 - Step1
This was my first attempt. It is always hard because we would love to include so many patterns on those walls but it won’t look good! And not many of them can go together either. It’s the hardest part of the process, decisions, decisions!


Dari Design Booth Surtex 2014 - Step 2
So we started taking some patterns away, and using more toned down colors; less is more right? Right and wrong. It is better in a way but there was too much beige, that’s definitely not us! We do have a cheerful and bright personality in our designs so our booth had to reflect that.


Dari Design Booth Surtex 2014 - Step 3
Then we added back some bright colors and switched around some patterns so they look nice by each other. For example the black pattern in the middle was too much contrast so it got replaced with something else.

The circles on the right were added to balance the blackboard. And we came up with the idea to use the printout patterns we had hanging last year with clothespins on the back wall for the circles and glue them on foam board to give that wall a little three dimensional effect too, that way we would save a lot by not having to print all those.


Dari Design Booth Surtex 2014 - Step 4
This was our final design for the booth in paper. At the same time we are designing all this we are thinking of how are we building each part, the banners are just banners, but how are we building the blackboard? How are we building the circles? How big are they? Because we usually take everything with us in the plane, we don’t like to ship anything. Oh and we decided to use the same banner that covered the table last year (that’s why you don’t see it in this year’s design).

So we proceeded to order banners (We printed them this year with Smart Press thanks to this post, and we LOVED them, great prices and turnaround!) and get making everything else.

We designed for a shelf underneath the blackboard to place some mockups of our designs, we got one at IKEA for about $5 and my sis bought a chain to hang it, she is the master with these kind of things and the result was super great!

Chalkboard inside surtex booth -

Getting the wood for the blackboard was something else, I’ve never ordered a circular piece of wood so I went first to Home Depot where they don’t cut wood in a circle, then to a lumber yard that doesn’t do it either and then finally to another home/lumber store that did (Dixieland and I love it BTW). I sanded it and spray painted it with chalkboard spray paint. The only bad thing is that at the end it didn’t fit on the suitcase but we wrapped it really well and checked it in the plane with no problem.

This is about 3/4 of the process of creating our Surtex booth because once we arrived to the showroom other things happened! Watch for part 2 in a post coming next week to see the process of our Surtex booth once we were in NYC! Because as you can see the end result was a little different than the one in the sketch.

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