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Exciting Announcement!

This year we started participating in some Minted challenges/contests and we now have a Minted store.  Minted is a print on demand (POD) platform that sells gorgeous stationery, art pieces, home goods, fabrics and more all in collaboration with artists like us. With the setup of this store, we’ve taken one more step on our journey to move into the Home Decor industry.

The idea is that artists participate in an art contest to win money, prizes and the possibility of having a store front. Also artists make a commission of sales from their design items.

This is how our brand new store front looks:

Artist Minted store

Do you like it? We hope so! We like it a lot!

What we like about this type of shop is that the artist can focus on doing art and the shop will take care of all the production hassle; printing, assembling, packing, shipping and so on. While we enjoy showing how our art looks on certain products, it’s hard to beat the convenience of having someone else focusing on production.

Here are the 5 photo pieces that won the contest we participated in:

Black and white nature photo

ESPORAS: I love how photography can make you look at simple things so differently, this was a weed in our back yard!


red leaves and red flowers photo

RED VIEW: At the spaces in the L.A. Zoo, I was taking photos of my son Adrian along with these amazing plants.


Black and white cactus photo -Daridesignstudio

I DEFEND MYSELF: This was taken in an outdoor museum somewhere in San Diego county, and is one of my favorites.


Photo of blooming flowers

BLOOMING: This closeup was from a day at LACMA  in L.A., they have pretty gardens and in Spring all these purple flowers start to blossom, it’s very pretty.


Big grass photo

ESPIGAS: I took this photo in Washington in front of a hotel where a blogger conference was held. It’s a dream to me to take nature photos like this one and look at those light and airy clouds!!

Minted Art Photography Cactus

We ordered one of our favorites of the batch and Dari hung it in her living room. We love how it looks in real life!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

We are getting ready to upload more art to our shop pretty soon. If you would like to get notified when there is a new art piece in our store and if you like to get exclusives that we only share to our mailing list members, please come over and sign up here.

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