Dari Design Surtex Booth: How we did it


For our booth design at Surtex we started dreaming big, we were thinking chandeliers, pretty table, stylish chairs, etc, etc. Well, thank goodness we didn’t go that route, actually, we couldn’t, it would have been too expensive. Shipping is crazy expensive and then we have to ship things back for what? What would we do with the furniture afterwards?

One of the best tips we got from attending the booth design webminar that Surtex offers all exhibitors was: Think really well what you will spend your budget on, will it bring you the clients you want? Will having a stylish chair give you that great deal? We were already looking at the high costs of furniture and the shipping and we were cutting back so this made us cut all the crazy ideas and feel good about it. We went for straight-on banners on all walls and we used the table that Surtex supplies with the booth and it was fine, we felt great about that decision – Hey! Not spending tons extra money feels good of course!

Here is how the Surtex booth came together:


It doesn’t look hard right? And it really wasn’t.

We traveled with everything, we brought the banners in a big tube, it was very heavy and we paid extra for it but it was only $50. We weren’t sure how we were going to hang them, we were thinking of using a wooden rod at the top (the banners came with a slot for it) and hanging them with hooks that Surtex supplies you with. We were thinking in buying the rods over there in NYC but when we got there we thought, wouldn’t be even better to hang these to the wall how we did the table? With command strips! And I LOVE them, I’ve been a fan of these ever since they started selling, I use them as lot at home. I brought several command hooks to hang the wire on the back wall and some command strips to stick the table banner but I didn’t bring enough for all the walls.

Our Salvation: 3M Command Hanging Strips

So we went out in the search of the command strips, they weren’t easy to find! We wanted to go to Target but there is no Target in Manhattan!! How do you NY citizens do it?? LOL, well you have many other shops around but if you are not from the city it is hard. So we finally arrived at a Kmart and we found about 2 of them, just 2!!?? We had already chose another alternative but I wasn’t kind of sad and worried they wouldn’t work but we kept looking and there it was a full wall of command strips! Yay!! My sister took a picture of me because she said I was too much, haha! Hey, they really helped us and I know many other booths that use them too, they are perfect!


Down here you can see how the top of the walls look like exactly, for me it was a mystery and even though I now know I think sticking the banners is the best and easiest way to do it. Of course it depends on the look you want to achieve overall too.


Here is how we did the banner on the table of our booth, super easy too. We were back and forth deciding if we got a tall table or a regular one (they give you those 2 options) but at the end we liked the tall table cause people that come to the booth don’t have to feel forced to sit and you are not so low sitting down for when they approach the booth.

The day we were mounting everything we had some discussions of how to arrange the elements on the table and if we wanted the table to the side of the booth, it was hard because I wanted to the side and my sister on the center, we did nit want to give in (I admit it, I am the one that has the hardest time giving in!) But the day it started I was so nervous that I told her, do whatever you want, I really don’t care, it will look beautiful anyways I know! And it did :)


One of the things we were a little disturbed by was the shine on our logo on the back wall. It was hard to avoid, we just couldn’t! If we moved the track lights to some other spot, the wall would be dark, maybe that logo was too shiny and next time we might be careful and do something really matte, we’ll see! We loved the end result, the only thing is that we have those banners now leftover and we don’t want to waste them, we are thinking in up-cycling them for next year, make some products with them, yes!


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  1. Oh my goodness thank you! I just signed to go to surtex with Cultivate Art Collective and was wondering how everyone put up their banners! This is exactly the info I was looking for! And your booth looks beautiful! Here is another question for you though… how did you find a good printer for the banners? I recently had an online company do a vinyl banner for me but it came out horribly pixilated!

    • dariela says:

      Hi Kaitlin! We’re so glad it helps!! We thought it was so necessary to put it out there because for us it was a little mystery to find out. Ok, so for the banners, we went with a printer in LA (http://www.day2dayprinting.com/) and we really loved the results, they do deliver anywhere in the country but that could get expensive. I recommend to find a local printer and establish a relationship with them. They should come out in good resolution as long as your files are big and not pixelated. Did you supply the files on the exact size that they were going to be printed? Or did they have to make them bigger? We sent our files as big as they were printed in 150 dpi. To amplify the files without making them pixelated we used this software: http://www.ononesoftware.com/products/perfect-resize/ It is AWESOME! Super recommend it. Good luck and if you have any questions we are always here to help however we can :)

  2. Thanks so much for this! It has been a mystery to me as well and this is so helpful.

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