DIY Valentines Photo Wall Hanging

DIY Valentines Photo Wall Hanging

Valentine’s Day is one of those commercial holidays that I love a lot. So I decided to make a useful photo wall hanging to celebrate the day.

We’ve been eyeing lots of cool art wall hangings over on Pinterest and Dari even made several with illustrations and decorations herself a while back. There are so many possibilities!!

At the time I was planning this I knew I wanted to make something with pictures. I got inspired by this minimal design one here. So beautiful and simple! The fact that you display the printed pictures is important too, we’re very used to not printing anymore!

DIY Photo Wall Hanging

Here are the instructions for making your own and give to somebody you love this Valentine’s Day!

DIY Valentines Photo Hanging supplies


  • 1 packet of polymer clay
  • Wood beads
  • Basswood rod
  • Heart cookie cutter
  • Cord
  • Office metal clips
  • Acrylic paints
  • Craft knife
  • 6 printed photos (about 2.5″ square)
  • Strong glue



  • Roll the clay and cut the hearts. Open small holes on the top with a craft knife and bake in the oven according to the directions on the package.
  • Paint the beads (I use little paintbrushes’ back and a strainer to hold them). Paint the wooden rod too.
  • Paint the hearts. I picked 4 colors but at the end didn’t like the pink as much as I thought. So the gold and blue were my main focus.

DIY Photo Wall Hanging step-by-step

  • To make the tassels: Grab a postcard or a business card and roll the cord around it several times. Take out the card and slide it into a pencil or a paintbrush, something thin. Then tie a small piece of cord around the top, leaving a small loop.
  • Cut the bottom of the tassel cords to the length you prefer. Make 3 tassels.

DIY Photo Wall Hanging step-by-step

  • Time to print your photos! I printed them on a 6 x 4 photo paper (2 on each sheet) and left space for a white border, and then cut them out with the knife.

DIY Valentines Photo Wall Hanging step-by-step

  • Place all your components flat on a tabletop so you can decide the order you will place each piece and photo.

DIY Photo Wall Hanging step-by-step

  • Grab a piece of cord that is long enough to hang one heart plus two photos to the rod. String it through the loop of one tassel and tie a knot at the top of it, then string one bead and then one heart and then another bead.

DIY Photo Wall Hanging step-by-step

  • Calculate the place where your photos will hang and either string the metal clips or glue them. The ones I got had magnets so the hole was covered, but I applied hot glue and it worked perfectly. I also recommend to glue the cord to the back of the hearts so they won’t swing that much.

DIY Photo Wall Hanging step-by-step

  • When you’re finished with the three photo hangings tie them to the rod. I recommend applying a little bit of strong glue to keep them in place, Make sure to tie them first and then apply the glue since I did it the opposite way and wished I had some leeway to move them once they were all in place.
  • Lastly, tie a cord to each end of the rod to serve as the hanging cord.

Enjoy your beautiful printed memories or give the adorable photo wall hanging to loved ones as a Valentine!

DIY Valentines Photo Wall Hanging step-by-step

Three tips to make your photo wall hanging shine:

  1. Think of a color palette BEFORE anything else, then pick photos that match the palette, not exactly but that at least have some hints of them.
  2. Select different styles of photos, some with people, some just landscapes or urban, contrast is good! We have some stock images you can use to add beautiful color and interest to your wall hanging.
  3. Print more than 6 photos and play around with them, you might end up placing the ones you never thought you would! Plus, you can replace them constantly after you get tired of them.

Beautiful DIY Photo Wall Hanging to make as a gift

I love to take pictures and I’m very guilty of not displaying them. This project actually helped me out so now I have a beautiful display at home. Remember we offer photo services for your products and locations and we believe that amazing photographs can be used as art for businesses as well!

If this DIY Valentine’s Day wall hanging inspires you, let us know! Leave us a comment below or share a photo of your wall hanging with us on Instagram, just tag us (@daridesign) and use #DariDesignDIY on your post.

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