Exhibiting at Surtex: Where to Start?

When to start if you will be exhibiting at Surtex. A list of tips. -DariDesignStudio.com

We debuted at Surtex in 2012. I remember how excited, anxious and overwhelmed we felt. We were filled with an endless amount of questions and doubts about all the decisions we needed to make.

Are you already experiencing this? I think the question is inevitable when exhibiting at Surtex: Where to Start?!

It’s always a good idea to start with a good plan, so most of your first tasks should concentrate on planning.

Here are some ideas of tasks you should be handling first:

  • Set up a budget: Make it very detailed
  • Book hotel and transportation: Get it done so you don’t have to worry about it at last minute
  • Plan out how you will build your portfolio: Decide how many collections you will take to the show and create deadlines
  • Set up a newsletter plan: Marketing BEFORE the show is crucial (see how to tackle marketing specifically here)
  • Set up a Social Media plan: Plan post ideas, times of posting and regularity
  • Analyze your brand: is it ready for Surtex or do you need to tweak it? Make a plan for it

Make a plan for your Surtex Debut -DariDesignStudio.com

As you can see, it’s a lot of planning, but it’s so important! All these plans will help guide you, kind of like setting your own road map to have a successful Surtex show.

In case you haven’t heard, we recently opened a coaching program especially for artists like you, exhibiting for the first time at Surtex! We love to do do this because we were there too and we wish we had more help. 

So, in case you need more detailed guidance through your Surtex Journey, check out our one-on-one coaching program.

Our coaching program is called SHINE

We offer six Coaching Modules. Each module covers an essential trade show theme designed for you to SHINE at your debut!

Shine Circle: One-on-One coaching for your Surtex Debut -DariDesignStudio.comThis isn’t a “go-at-you-own-pace” program. Each module is designed to coach you ONE-ON-ONE through your unique trade show journey.

Modules are sequential and continuous and cover a month of work together. However, you can purchase each module individually or you can buy the SHINE CIRCLE which includes: Four Modules plus some fabulous extra bonuses.

I will be having Facebooks Lives explaining how it all works. Sign up here to receive notifications to all online events and to have the opportunity to ask me anything!  

What aspect of planning for your Surtex exhibition concerns you the most? Let us know – we’ve been where you are before and want you to know we can help!

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