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Thank you to HP Instant Ink for partnering with us to create these printable notebook covers.

While we are not in school anymore, we love love school and office supplies, and who doesn’t love a cute notebook? So we decided to put some of our patterns to good use and make you some useful notebook covers for those generic notebooks you need to use for school (or for the office!) 

variety of printable notebook covers, back to school freebies!

I was first thinking of making a couple notebook covers, maybe three but I couldn’t help myself and kept on going! There are 8 different covers for you to choose from, print one or print them all!

They are letter sized so you can print them on your home printer easily and they will fit either a ring bound notebook or a regular bound one.

Notebook printable covers FREE

Here is an easy step-by-step so you can use the printable notebook covers at home:

  1. PRINT the covers on a letter sized paper, borderless if possible.
  2. USE a glue stick or any spray adhesive (we recommend the adhesive!) and apply to the back of your print.
  3. ALIGN the left border to the left side of your notebook and press to stick it on the notebook cover.
  4. FOLD to the insides and apply tape if necessary.
  5. OPEN holes (if using ring-bound) with a pencil.
  6. APPLY clear contact paper for protection.

DIY printable notebook covers

Instant-Ink-logo-textAnd if you haven’t tried the HP Instant Ink program, you HAVE to try it! As disclosed above, we are partners and affiliates with HP Instant Ink because it’s a program we’ve used for more than a year now and can attest that it works and it’s amazing.

HP Instant Ink eliminates the trouble of running out of ink, or having to go to the store all of a sudden because you need to print something and you don’t have ink! PLUS, it saves you money! You basically pay monthly for your prints and the printer communicates through the WiFi so the ink will be delivered to you when you need it, automatically (no extra costs other than the monthly fee).

The plans start at $2.99 a month (that’s the one we use). Check the video below for more information, there is also a COUPON CODE for Instant Ink, you can get three months for free with the code SCHOOL3 until September 30th.  Visit the Instant Ink  site to sign up.

There are two versions of each design, one with labels and the other one without, so you can use as you wish! If you print them feel free to share your notebooks with us through TwitterFacebook or Instagram, we’d love to see them!!

DIY printable notebook covers

DIY printable notebook covers

 Download all the printable notebook covers here.

This post contains affiliate links, all opinions are our own. For full details about HP Instant Ink please visit their website.

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