Friends at Surtex

Surtex 2013 friends

We made great friends at Surtex and we were happy to meet friends we only knew online, it was great to share the different experiences and thoughts we were all having during the conference and looking at the different artists we all are. I wanted to share with you today some of our friends at Surtex featuring each of them and their booths.

Iza pearl surtex booth design

Meet Melissa from Iza Pearl, her booth is very famous at Surtex, I think it’s lovely and so her. It was her 3rd year, she always captures her adventure in her blog, for more of Melissa’s info check her Surtex 2013 Adventure.


Patricia zapata Surtex booth

I met Patricia loong time ago through her blog A Little Hut when I started to blog at mami Talks, I loved her work and started following, then we met in person at Alt Summit 2011 and now again at Surtex, talk about paths crossing! It was Patricia’s first year at Surtex and at Licensing just like us! Check out Patricia’s site and her blog A Little Hut.


tan tam surtex booth

Tamy was our next door neighbor, she has great stationery designs, she has been many times to the Stationery Show and this was her first year at Surtex! Check out her beautiful designs here.


leah hoelscher surtex booth

We met Leah at one of the networking events of the show, we shared our experiences and thoughts, this was her first year too and we are both learning kind of the same things at the same time. Find Leah’s work over at her site.


msia Soups Surtex Booth

Misa was right in front of us! She is local from New York and this was her first year too, she was saying how next year she might bring us food because now she realized that we all needed to eat the overpriced food at the show, thanks Misa!


gina martin surtex booth

We met Gina at the networking night too, I love her designs and her booth, she already has some cool fabrics made, this is her second time at Surtex and she really helped us out recommending a licensing consultant that we much needed. Check out Gina’s site.


elizabeth olwen surtex booth

A twitter friend that became or real life friend and neighbor at Surtex! She was in across from us, Elizabeth’s booth and designs are amazing, can you believe it;s her first time at Surtex?! Here is Elizabeth’s website.


ampersand studio surtex booth

Ahh, we go way back with the girls from Ampersand: Morgan and Carrie. We stumbled upon them last year and we felt identified with them, they are 2, they were working from separate places but still together like us and last year was their first Surtex, they were great help answering questions for us before the show. They have a super colorful and fun website and blog!


Art Licensing LA

We met Jeanetta through Twitter a couple of weeks before Surtex when everybody was running around preparing for the conference, we knew our booths were close so we made sure to connect over there plus she lives in LA! Jeanetta is part of Art Licensing LA agency as well as Sara Berrenson who we met in NY.

And there were many others but I didn’t have a chance to take photos! Check out Rebeca Bischoff, Alex Colombo, Natalie Timmons and Khristian Howell.

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