A Gift Guide for the Creative and Artsy Entrepreneur

There is only one week left to get all your gift shopping together!! In case you are procrastinating on a gift for the creative and artsy entrepreneurs in your life or maybe you are wondering what can you get for us (hint hint!!), here is a list of unique gifts for creatives.

We made a gift guide for $50 and under and one for over $50. Items that are marked with a ‘*’ means we have used them and recommend them. All others are just products we love and we’d love to have!


Gift guide for creativepreneurs and artsy souls. What to get under nder $50 -daridesignstudio.com

1. Chalkboard Circles: Such a cute way to have a chalkboard and don’t forget a set of chalk markers to go with this one! 

2. Pretty Flag: When we are working home alone we need the encouragement! 

3. Acrylic Desk Rack: Clear organizers are such a great option for an artsy desk. 

4. *Drawing is Magic: If you want to get into sketching this is the sketch book to use.  Or if you are an artist that finds it challenging to draw everyday for fun this is also a book for you. 

5. Aqua Notes:  Because we think the shower is the best place to hatch ideas into our brains .

6. *Big Magic: How have I managed to create my whole life without reading this book first? That’s too hard of a question to answer!

7. Ipad pouch: Pretty much any product from MochiThings will hit the creative and artsy entrepreneur sweet spot.

8. Tile: It’s no secret that most creatives have scattered brains.

9. Leather desk organizer: A casual version to get our desks neat and organized.



Gift guide for creativepreneurs and artsy souls. What to get under nder $50 -daridesignstudio.com


10. Art supplies subscription: This is a super clever gift. Artists love new supplies!

11. Stak ceramics phone dock: Because nowadays having succulents close by is as indispensable as having our smart phones.

12. Smart USB multiboard: A more formal version of #9 above, to do the same thing.

13. 2 in 1 gooseneck cellphone holder: Perfect for recording periscope videos, snapchats and pretty much anything that requires hand free smart phone using.

14. Wood charging station: Lovely little changing station. Love the woodsy look!

15. Show your work: Next book on the horizon for creatives.  Austin Kleon makes self-promotion fun in this handy guide.

16. Mini cable drop set: Oh! little ideas like this one make life so much comfortable! Yay! for the ones to solve problems with new products!

17. Cup holder clip: Because we don’t like when liquids spill all over our painting projects and gadgets.

18. *String lights: One of the best ways to stay motivated!



Gift guide for creativepreneurs and artsy souls. What to get over $50 -daridesignstudio.com

1. Podium and power bank: Because what could be better than a mobile device stand combined with a power bank? And when you’re not using it, it folds up into this nice little compact package!

2. *Uppercase Magazine: Beautifully crafted magazine full of inspiration for artists of all types. 

3. Smartphone Lens Camera: This nifty gadget is great for the smartphone photographer in your life.

4. Fuji Film Smartphone printer: Another nifty device for your favorite smartphone photographer. Imagine being able to print pics right from your smartphone or tablet – how cool is that?


We hope you enjoy our gift guide for the creative and artsy entrepreneurs in your life. And with so little time to finish your shopping, we hope it helps give you ideas to wrap it up (hehehe, sorry, couldn’t resist that!).  Take a look and if you do get something from this list we would love to know what you got? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #giftsforcreatives!

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