We All Grow Summit 2016 -Part 1


Let us start by saying We All Grow Summit was hands down the BEST Hispanic Bloggers and Influencers Conference we have ever been to in the USA. We came back deeply inspired and motivated to keep moving forward and to keep elevating ourselves to our highest potential in business and in our personal lives as well.

Also big thanks to Ana Flores for attending this deeper call and taking action to create a community where we can all grow. We know the challenges and the courage a leap like that takes and we admire your efforts to stay true to your vision and manifest it in your own terms, we like your terms!

WAG uplifted us in many surprising ways, the Summit helped us grow because it served as a reflecting mirror to see our preferences, our choices, our message and behaviors more clear than before.

Who can attend We All Grow Summit?

Is this only for bloggers? …Oh I’m not a blogger, thanks anyways!

Here is the thing. Almost everyone, scratch that, EVERYONE can benefit from this conference.

I heard similar expressions a couple of times from artist friends or creative entrepreneurs that are part of our community.

[Inspiring Art in the hallways of the Hotel Maya]

WAG is for everyone that has a business (or would like to start one) and has a relationship with the latin community or would like to have one (not mandatory). Why? because if you are in business you must have a clientele, followers, audience or tribe. And you must also be creating content regularly to attract that tribe to your business, store, company or platform.

You might not have a blog but hopefully, you are attracting paying customers through creating content on your social media outlets and letting them know about you and what you do and offer.

If you have a business, and you attract customers through referrals or through a sales team or other marketing techniques that is great! However, seeing yourself as an influencer in your area of expertise and in that which you are passionate about, is essential to build new bridges for your brand that can take you to new strings of income and to diversifying your income while keeping your current marketing ways. See? This is why it’s all about growing!… And I would say about adjusting too.

What if I don’t have a business? If you don’t have one and you have no intentions to have one WAG is still for you! Because a life dedicated to creative fulfillment and personal uplifting projects is for everyone that wants meaningful experiences in life. There is potential inside of you seeking to be expressed, you don’t have to make it profitable to a business, you just have to dedicate time to that calling… and so, you can find that opportunity here.


What did you guys do there?

It was held at the Maya Hotel in Long Beach. This hotel is so beautiful!!! If you are ever in town this place is a must. You can see the Queen Mary and Long Beach bridge from the hotel. The architecture and the special details in the hotel made us feel warm and loved. For example, they gave us cookies when we registered, and I’m talking about warm melt-in-your-mouth cookies.

[Photos from the field trip around Long Beach]

The fist day we attended some field trips, mine was hosted by the Long Beach Convention Center. The outing was A M A Z I N G. We went in a boat to the MOLA museum then to the aquarium. The field trips were all unique and perfect for all kinds of content creators. My sis got to meet Coco and Breezy, eyewear designers thanks to Transition Lenses and Vision Works.

Friday was all about learning, the day was jam-packed with panels workshops and keynote speakers. There were also breaks for networking and snacks, delicious food everywhere and sponsor suites to visit. Pretty much Heaven!!

we-all-grow-2016-keynote[One of the keynote panels]

And just like that, we arrived at the last day, Saturday. Before we headed out Saturday night we experienced a day full of more classes to learn from and beautiful inspiring people to meet. Finally, the storytellers went to stage to close the summit.

It all passes in a blur and it’s so important to stay present and take all the energy in!


So, the following question is usually… What did you learn?

Well, we all have a different learning pace and we certainly don’t need all the same things. But as WAG’s tag line says: “Where one grows we all grow” so hopefully telling you what we learned becomes an invitation to see what’s there for you!

In part 2 of our recap we will tell you our answers to this question! Meanwhile, tell us, were you there this year? What did you learn? Or will we meet you next year for sure?!

Come back tomorrow for part 2!


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