We All Grow Summit 2016 – Part2

We had the best time at We All Grow Summit and learned so much! We want you to learn and grow with us, so today we are continuing our 2-part recap with all the things we learned (Check out the first WAG recap part here).

The most important 3 lessons we took from WAG


1. One thing I re-learned about myself is that I get much more stimulated by practical and viable ideas. So panels like workshops and classes were my favorites! My creative rational mind loves “step-by-steps” and narrowed down messages that show how to put in practice day-to-day the lessons learned. I love the big inspirational messages like “Be strong!” or “Feel the fear and do it anyways” and I also need to break them down to see how being strong really shows up in my life and how to embody it in my specific circumstances.

2. Making an effort to step out of my comfort zone and connect with new people. This is an old one, my sister and I follow this rule as much as possible. Think about it, we could just hang out together the whole time we are there. That will be comfortable. We strive to really connect with new people outside our circle. In this opportunity it was very rewarding. We already have on the horizon new opportunities of collaboration and working opportunities, without counting that I gain many new friends and a new accountability partner. I have 3 now 😉 I’m glad they aren’t jealous.

3. I learned new information that was helpful for our business. For example, I learned about podcasting (thinking about venturing in that platform) and I learned about new self-development techniques. I was coached by a Pinterest consultant about how to improve our Pinterest account and generate more traction with our audience. I also got the opportunity to learn about different brands that are interested in working with bloggers like us. But out of all of these opportunities, the experience made me remember to stay with a beginner’s mind and be always humbly willing to learn about this ever-changing industry (and life).

25410456960_cd2df81833_z neutrogena-at-we-all-grow-daridesign


  1. Stepping out of your comfort zone does wonders! I was pretty nervous about the field trip I selected. Even though it included photography, design, and eyewear (all things I’m into!), the whole idea was more fashion focused which I would not describe myself as a fashion blogger so for some reason I was very nervous and feeling uncomfortable. But it worked out just fine, and at the end of the day I LOVED it so much that I would step out again to meet and connect with new people outside of my regular zone!
  2. Always keep growing in different ways. This is kind of a generic lesson and might be hard to grasp but the idea behind it is that even if you feel you know a lot on one subject, in my case photography or blogging, there is always a path to keep going in and learning more. I went to a session that was about monetizing your blog in different ways and I came out with inspiring ideas that I never thought of! Also, I went to a food photography one and learned even more, I felt I grew a little in each subject!
  3. Ask questions ANY time, whenever you need to, there is somebody that can always help in the community. This is something I know and I actually tell people to do but many times I am shy of asking myself. This time, it made me think and for next time I will be making a list of questions to ask no matter what, because when you are in the presence of all these wonderful people you might forget and it will also be much easier to ask in person than online.

Setting up an intention before you start an event like this can be very helpful!!


[Dove suite and manicures]

We also want to share our intentions with you


  • My intention for this conference goes along with my word for this year “To Connect.” I made it a priority to remember people’s names (which doesn’t come easy to me) and I also made an effort to be mindful of actively listening to people’s stories and to look at them attentively while they spoke. It’s very common in these events to feel so stimulated that most people are looking everywhere but having a hard time focusing in on conversations for too long. I wasn’t immune to that, but I felt a sincerely self-effort to change that. In the end I felt good, oh, and yes I felt connected to the people and to the whole mission of the summit.


  • My intention was to live it stress-free and enjoy the moment as much as I could. And I did! Many times in conferences I get very overwhelmed, I end up with a headache each night because there is so much to do and so many people to meet and so many places to go! It’s really a lot. But this time, I took it easy and enjoyed it, I didn’t go to as many sessions as I wanted to, but I guess it was the moment to be calmer. For the next time I will want to make the intention to combine both, enjoy the moments but maybe write a list of the places to make sure to visit during the summit.


[Art Installation created with wishes from the attendees]



Favorite 3 moments of Awe

Dariana: It’s hard to pick but here we go…

  1. Storytelling: Because I love stories and because I loved those stories presented. And because it’s so inspiring to see people with the courage to share personal aspects of their lives to empower themselves and others.
  2. #SPEAKBEAUTIFUL WITH DOVE KEYNOTE PANEL: I was actually late to this panel, I wish I could’ve been there from the beginning. But even late as I was, this qualifies as my favorite because I felt so in tuned with the panelists. At the same moment, I felt that they were speaking for me and also to me. The importance of self-realization and the life we create when we speak positive are in high-rank priority for me, so the experience was delightful for me.
  3. Brand suite moments: The brand suites that sponsored the summit were out of control. You can’t imagine how well they treated us. Not only giving us products but more by connecting with us and offering us the above and beyond of services. I got a personal dermatology session at Neutrogena plus makeup plus a professional mini photo shoot. At Aveeno, I got a fresh smoothie that I loved and super nice people with a smile helping me all the way. I couldn’t tell you about all the suites because they were so many!

transitions-fieldtrip-wag-daridesign[Transitions field trip]


  1. The way we got pampered by EVERY sponsor of We All Grow, I mean, I kept being amazed by everything. Neutrogena had a dermatologist see my skin, give me advise and recommend treatment, then I got a makeover and when I was ready a professional photographer was telling me how to pose and everything for a photoshoot! Dove gave me an amazing manicure, Aveeno had smoothies and crafted coffee drinks. It just kept going and going!
  2. The field trip was definitely an AWE moment for me. It doesn’t really matter where you go but the fact that the brand has planned a special day for just a small group of us feels amazing plus you get to know attendees in a super calmed environment before the big parts even begin!
  3. Wellness Circles: This is something new I experienced during the conference and it’s great because you get to connect in a smaller setting. We tried the one with Denise Cortes: Bringing Out Your Inner Frida Kahlo. We got to do our favorite things, sketching, coloring and painting. Such a great way to relax and learn in the midst of it all, I loved it!


[Wellness Circle with Denise Cortes]

We hope that you enjoyed reading our We All Grow recap! Did you attend WAG this year? Yes, great! What were your 3 favorite moments of awe? If you didn’t, are you thinking about it for next year? What’s stopping you? Please share, we’d love to continue the growing and sharing experience!

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