Hispanicize was filled with awesomeness!!


We are back!! Miami and Hispanicize was pretty espectacular for us!! I can’t wait to share everything we learned

We met new people, made connections, got inspired, motivated and as a result many new ideas and projects are already bubbling up in my head.

Let me start by saying the whole scene was fantastic, Miami Beach sets you in the right mood. From day one the view from our hotel room was beautiful!! (Hence picture above).

It was hard not to think we were on vacation! I think is fair to say it was a very pleasurable business meeting. The value of loving and enjoying what we do and getting paid for it is priceless. So above all let me first take the time to thank God and the Universe for all these amazing opportunities coming our way! For me personally this was my first formal Bloggers Conference. (although we did attend The Niche Mommy  conference last year) and what can I say I came back all in love with it.

Even though Hispanicize is much more than a Blogger’s Conference, our interest was to get involve in the community mainly as latina bloggersEveryday our schedule was full with sessions and events. After day 2 it was already very challenging to make it to breakfast before 9am. I’ve been writing and digesting everything we experienced at the conference, it’s a lot, so I’m going to have to take it slow!

By looking at my pictures you can imagine how much eye candy there was. From people’s smiles, outfits, art pieces, hotel interior design, creative branding ideas, cute business cards to nature and the city. I have many posts coming your way very shortly about what we learned, what we did, what inspired us, outfits, our sponsorship Lowe’s, etc!

Oh and before I forget your social media feedback and support through out the whole week was amazing! Thank you!


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