3 Steps to Prepare Your Conference Wardrobe


Hi friends, I’m sitting here in my cozy LA apartment with loose jeans and white t-shirt getting ready to do some new re-search for my next conference wardrobe.

Today is perfect to share with you some tricks and tips that I ended up realizing I gained from preparing my wardrobe for a couple conferences this year.

I think everything some how came together at the Hispanicize Conference 2013.

I got complements a couple times through out the Conference about my outfits (blush chicks) and that made me proud of my little silly process I go through to put my wardrobe together for my travels.

Usually we are so overwhelmed with everything that there is no time to think about this part of the trip. When I told people about my little routine they all said – Ohh I want to do the same! That alone did it!… and also my sister telling me -Hey sis you should do a blog post about this- convinced me of the value of sharing my conference wardrobe process.

So, here is what I did:

1. Make yourself a Pinterest board … only one for conferences and business travel

You could make one for each conference depending on different weather and trends. This will help you have an idea of what’s the look you want to portrait.


Use this board all year round even when there isn’t a conference in your near future keep adding inspiration and outfit ideas as they come. When the time s come to prepare for a conference you are already done with the first step.


It’s important to only add outfits that are realistically something you are going to wear or one piece in the combo is something you could wear, otherwise your board becomes very overwhelming and you will start feeling as if you are in a big store clueless of what to get.


Check out my board here

These are the main 3 fashion blogs I follow and pin from:
Super Vaidosa
Putting me together
Orysa Steele

2. Now pick an outfit for each day… Include travel days

Usually you will need two evening outfits for a 4 day trip which I consider an average for conferences.


Make sure you can use certain pieces repeatedly. Like a pair of jeans or boots or necklace.


The secret lies on picking out outfits almost exactly the way you see it on your board or picking out one particular piece (see yellow blazer below). For me wearing a new combination or a color that I never used, or maybe a new trend that I just realized I like (and goes with my personality and look) empowers and amplifies my confidence and style. It makes me feel good to take care of myself and give needed energy to my presentation - this is of course what I feel, we are all different, but if you haven’t yet, I suggest you try it out.



I stay so out of touch with fashion trends that when I go shopping I don’t even know how to wear most pieces, even though this is like a designing project for me and I get to create and be unique, there is nothing wrong with incorporating some popular patterns, colors or accessories here and there. After I turned 30 I realized that I experience trends in a different way. Not so much as “I have to have it” but more like “I choose to have it, thanks fashion designer! I love what you designed”

3. Time to match up pieces with your wardrobe and /or go shopping

This time shopping was different for me I knew EXACTLY what I was looking for. For example I needed 3 pieces: a yellow jacket, a striped jacket and high heal black shoes. That was it, no more no less.


I wasn’t in the stores in a browsing mode, I was more looking for what I needed. In the event that I find a nice NEW outfit idea I would take a photo and add it to my board. Of course this whole step depends on your budget. In my world when there is room I allow $150 or less to add new pieces for my outfits.


However, I do have shopping days where I just browse around and get what I like (well is a way of saying it, I wished I could just grab ALL I like)  but that’s not the kind of shopping I’m talking about here, here I’m talking about saving money and time yet look amazing kind of mode!.


Now whatever you do, don’t leave all this for last minute, mark your calendar to start the first step at least 2 weeks before. Once you have all your wardrobe together remember to not overpack too much drags you down and looking and feeling light adds a fresh touch to your style anyways.


We have 2 conferences coming up in the next couple of months  Niche Parent and Latism  (Let us know if you will be there!) and we would love to learn new ideas to rock our outfits and feel great!


It was fun to write about my wardrobe process for conferences and business trips. Do you have any tips that you would like to share?


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  1. dailycurlz says:

    love this post, thanks a lot… right after hispz I started to get new pieces for my new one.. your style was amazing..

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