Giving Thanks: Inspirations for a Creative Life

In preparation for Thanksgiving Day I made a mixed list (instead of a mixed tape) to inspire you to create, to be thankful and to act upon your calling despite your fears, so you can live a creative life.

Thanksgiving photo cards. Beautiful design to place your picture

This inspiration list is a blend of:

  • Favorite quotes related to creativity and gratefulness
  • Our photo Thanksgiving cards and invites (which are available at Mpix)
  • Things we are thankful for (because we want to create that space)
  • Images of fun Thanksgiving decoration ideas (to inspire you! And us!)


Deepak Chopra Quote

We make an active effort to infuse creativity in our lives. Being more of a creator and less of a consumer is crucial if one wants to live a more meaningful life.

The problem is, we don’t always feel motivated to create. Plus, creativity comes hand in hand with so many uncomfortable feelings. In the end, all of those uncomfortable feelings come from fear. Which means we have to get used to creating with fear sitting next to us each and every time.

Thanksgiving photo cards. Beautiful design to place your picture

Before I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s personification of fear in her Big Magic book (which was grandiose and such an aha! moment), I always compared fear with the imaginary people that used to talk to John Nash (Russell Crow) in the movie A Beautiful Mind. Throughout his whole life, these people never disappeared, ¬†just like fear won’t disappear in our life. Yet he found a way to take his attention away from them, recognized that they are not real, and keep bringing forth his gifts despite their permanent distracting presence. And furthermore, the more he did that the less power they seemed to have over his life.

We can all do the same thing with fear, recognize that fear won’t leave you, shift your attention and keep bringing forth your creations.

Today I’m using my creativity, to inspire you to create something special to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Because I believe being grateful for what we already are or what we already have creates the perfect environment for creativity to bloom in our lives.


When I say create/creativity I don’t mean paint, draw or get crafty (although, those are great ideas if you feel like it). I mean do anything that doesn’t mean consuming someone else’s content but creating your own content. It could be typing a thank you email, sending a letter, cooking, creating a new business, making handmade gifts, videotaping, taking photos, and so on. Taking a class to learn something new or improve your skills can also inspire ideas for creating your own content.

Thanksgiving photo cards. Beautiful design to place your picture


It could be very intimidating to find the first step or the thing you would want to create. In reality, what it is and how it looks is not important. The essence that will bring meaning to your activity is the process.


Thankful quote and motivation quote


If you are having a hard time getting started, shift your mind and instead start thinking of 5 to 10 things you are grateful for. Write them down.

Maybe look for ways to create something from those things using the ideas I gave you before. You can also think about something you don’t like or resist and create the opposite.

Creative ways to give thanks

Creative ways to give thanks

For example, if you don’t like it when people are late, you can create a guide about the benefits of being on time. When you shift your mind and create from gratefulness, the possibilities are endless.

And we’d love to see what you make! Please share your stories about your Thanksgiving Day inspired creations with us here! If you’d like to hear more about our work and what inspires us, sign up for our newsletter.

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