Know your strengths and flaws before attending a Conference


Conference season is over for us.  It was an amazing season and I personally learned so much! about the industry and about myself. I met new people and got my motivation levels back to “very high”.

Instead of doing a recap of our last 2 conferences we attended and presented Latism and Blogalicious, I want to tell you about how I had a revelation on how important it is to be very clear about your strengths and flaws before attending a conference.

Help others with your strengths:

Strengths are personality qualities that benefit you and everyone you come in touch with at the conference. They come natural to you. They are part of your character and you never even think about them or doubt them. Consciously and intentionally use them as a gift for other, without expecting nothing in return. Ask yourself. How can I help and give to this space and people during this event? Hopefully that answer will guide you to “what” and subsequently to the “how”. Below are my 3 main strengths and how I feel benefit those around me.

Public Speaking:
I love teaching and sharing what I know. I get beyond excited to have the space to speak about what I love doing. This benefits the audience at the conference because a confident, motivated and uplifting speaker creates an effective environment for learning. I infuse my talks with my honest and genuine ideas and experience and care about what you’ll be taking home from my session.

Selling my business services:
All you have to do is ask me the magic question. -So, what do you do? for my magic to begin. I don’t talk forever, no worries. Yet you’ll know exactly what we do and how we can help you. It’s definitely beneficial to find people like this at a conference, because it breaks the ice for  to also talk about what you do and connect better with whom you are networking. A wonderful collaboration can definitely come from a dialogue that starts here.

Keep a positive attitude:
A good attitude makes the present moment always better. Conferences can be logistically tiring, overwhelming and confusing. Since there are a lot of people in the same track, the collective energy can get heavy at times. I’m a good neutralizer and can even uplift a collective thought at times. Positive thinking benefits all of us enjoying the conference. Having a positive anchor  when it’s challenging to see anything positive about a given situation can be key to keep your mind open, learn more, get to the right people, enjoy your time, be vulnerable and the list goes on and on.




Help yourself overcome your flaws: Flaws are habits in your personality that don’t serve your life, your overall business purpose nor helps or inspires people around you. Set up a clear conference goal. Show up knowing the main 3 flaws in your personality that could be obstacles to reach that goal. And must importantly have an action plan to overcome them using the situations and circumstances in a conference as a practice arena.

Network outside of my comfort zone: God knows this doesn’t come natural to me. Once I’ve dragged and pushed myself to do it the rest is fun. The challenging part is that split second when you have to choose to eat , sit or hang out with a new person instead of the people you already know.

My action plan is to cordially approach (using will power :) new people. My goal is to connect with 2 new people a day during the event. By connect I mean, really connect, listen, ask questions, talk about how we can benefit each other, consciously memorize their name and what they do, and only consider it a connection if at the end of my conversation I feel that sending them an email after the event will come genuinely and natural to me and not awkward and forced.

Stay focused: Well with so many things happening between events and sessions within events of this magnitude, it’s easy to forget what are you there for. Is it to learn? or to make more connections? is it to scout new collaboration projects? Is it to figure out what you will like to present next year? what is it?. Confession: I get super distracted and for a moment I think I’m there to chat my life a away and make new girl friends. Well, I know this is a normal symptom of an isolated entrepreneur, yet my action plan needs to bring me back to focus and reality. There is a lot of energy, time and money we invest in these conferences, being clear about the larger goal helps everyone manifest an ROI.

Our goal is to educate ourselves, learn and implement what we learned in other sessions. Making notes and keeping them clear and handy for a quick review after the conference works great to achieve that goal. Making our presentations better every time is another of our goals. Asking our audience for feedback and going to other sessions to write down what we think works or doesn’t, helps us brainstorm and implement new skills and add-ons into our on presentation.

Gadgets are very important: Somehow this lesson seems to be so hard for me to get. I know it so well in theory but I can’t prioritize it enough in my life. The consequences are bad. My phone is out battery all the time, if I bring an extra battery or charger I leave it in the room. I don’t want to carry with my laptop (which is borrowed), but I always need it. I forget to bring the chrome book (which is borrowed as well). I don’t have a professional camera, so my photos are all coming from my cellphone (when it’s charged) Complete disaster!

However, thank God, my sister is the total opposite so, I rely on her to save me. My action plan? well here it is: To have a new cellphone and new wireless charger with a tablet for the next conference. To always have it with me and never leave it in my room ;-). I’ll cover the camera and other apps after the first step is taken.

These are my strengths and flaws, (some of them I should say) which are your? 

Share below to learn from each other, and prepare better for 2014 conference season!

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