Make Art that Sells Class: Home Decor Collections

One of our 2016 goals is to be more consistent in creating art regularly. We are starting with dedicating 20 minutes minimum a day to art creation. The idea is to start small but cultivate the habit solid.

After the 20 min. are over we usually stay or move to a creative project where we are designing and/or illustrating for at least 2 more hours.

No matter how long, we call it the creative hour.

The day shouldn’t pass by without spending some time in a creative hour.

We all know creating every day is not an easy task. Other very attractive projects can allure us away if the creative hour habit isn’t planted strongly in our lifestyle and business.

One of this month’s creative hour helpers has been enrolling in the MATS (Make Art that Sells) – Home Decor class. I’ve been wanting to do this class since last year. I’m so excited to be able to be part of the class now!

It’s only been a week and I’m already in love with the class and how well organized it is.

Drawing a home decor collection -darisedign

Each week (the class is a total of 5 weeks) we cover a different material, such as metal, glass, ceramic, fabric and wood, to be used in home decor goods. This is important because as licensing artists it makes you think about how your designs will look on these different materials and also it helps you propose better treatments and embellishments on the product mockups your create for clients.

All these treatments and ideas add value to the final product and make you an easier artist to work with because you start to speak the same language that your direct home decor buyer speaks.

It’s also very relevant for your client, by doing this in advance you will be saving the creative director’s time of having to put all these bits and pieces together out of a standard flat two-dimensional collection.

Farm fresh tin design

The week starts with a small mini assignment where students are asked to start sketching, painting, or drawing a specific subject matter. The idea is that you then associate that subject matter to a trend board that each one of us picked on day one. A trend board looks like something like this.  It’s a compilation of photos and images that all together reflect a specific look and theme. The first day you have 3 trend boards to pick from. I picked the FARM FRESH one. The other available boards were BABY and MARINA LIFE. So the idea is that if the subject matter is flowers, you start experimenting with all kinds of flowers yet you want to stay close to creating flowers that will go with your trend board. If the subject matter is tools, animals, and so on you do the same.

These were the different sketches and paintings I did during the first week:

Rooster and chicken drawings

Drawing for licensing collection

You are also encouraged to keep an eye on all things around you that are made of the material for that week. It’s important to keep a lookbook and start taking photos of things in your house or maybe make a Pinterest board to see what is already on the market. Here is my Pinterest Board.

Pictures around my house

Once we hit the middle of the week, the big assignment comes in. This is where we create products in the material we are studying that week using the drawings and paintings we created. This part is so much fun. It’s great to see what other artists create. It amazes me so much how we all create different things with the exact same directions. The way we reflect the information in our art is so unique to us. That’s the beauty of being an artist and letting your own voice pave the way.

You can see all the products I created in the top image and throughout the post!

Metal bucket design

We only have until Sunday of that same week to submit our designs. It’s fun!! but it also feels rushed no matter how much time I block for it.

This week we are studying fabric, follow us on Instagram to see what we’ve been creating and look at #makeartthatsells to see the overflowing talents that are making beautiful art every day!

Once we finish the class we’ll be back to post a summary and see together all the work from 5 weeks side by side.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our creative hour helper. Have you ever used a class, workshop, or assignment to help motivate you towards meeting another goal?  We’d like to hear about your experiences, for example, what class you took and how it helped. Let us know in the comments!

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  • Nicole Piar
    February 18, 2016 2:15 pm

    Your illustrations work so well with this market. Great job!

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