Our Surtex Booth Design

I can’t believe it’s already been more than a month since Surtex and since all that stress of putting together our Surtex booth design among many other details to get there. All the hard work and the expectations are over, oh but it was so worth it!

And this first experience will be paving the way for our business in this new area of surface pattern design that we for sure love and want to keep at it.


Today I wanted to show you some beauty photos and some details of how our booth turned out. Tomorrow I will bring more details and step-by-step of how we put it together because we did take lots of pictures of the process.

Surtex postcard

It wasn’t really complicated because our booth design was pretty simple but I think it’s useful for anyone who is doing a Surtex booth for the first time. There were many doubts we had, we asked a lot and we took one of the free webinars that Surtex offers on booth design tips which really helped us. So if you have questions, ask away, we’d love to help however we can, even though we’ve just been there one time!


For example, we replaced the hall sign with our own, we just aded printed a logo in 2 11 x 17″ paper and taped it with double stick to both sides.

Replace_the_sign_of_surtex_boothBut as soon as we hanged it we realized we could have made it nicer, definitely adding a nice design to it not only the logo, oh well! Next time for sure! Those are the kind of details that you miss in the first time, not really that important on the long run but something wee can improve on.

All the design process from start to finish came together very well at the end, it wasn’t as much cost-effective as we wanted it and we did have to improvise a little over in NY, I’ll tell you more details tomorrow!



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