Pick your Word for the Year {Free Printable}

Have you picked your word of the year yet? We are already moving toward the fourth week of January and I tell you it is never too late. Any time of the year is great for this exercise.

We already picked our words for this year! (Keep reading… We’ll share our words near the end of this post)

Words are so empowering, they carry guidance and infinite potential for change. Through words we feel different emotions. They can elevate us or give us a bad aftertaste. They can also close deals, spark decisions, add to our communication, or subtract from clarity.

Words are essential! But they have no power by themselves.

I see words the same way I see electricity. Neutral, powerful source. You can run electricity through a bulb and get light or you can put it through an atomic bomb and get destruction. Words are as neutral as electricity.

The magic happens when the right word syncs up with the right intentions.

And that’s the process we wanted to participate in with you. Syncing you up with your right word so that the bulb lights up!! That light can guide you throughout the year.

Let’s keep this in mind, I can pick a word and never really work with it. That wouldn’t be syncing; that would be like adding electricity to a rock, nothing really happens. No change, no progress. Stagnation.

That’s because we are the Magic, we give or take power from words. To make a word transcend from its mere rock state we have to work with it.

The word by itself can’t do magic. It needs our enthusiasm, our dedication, our creativity, our effort to keep the sync light up and our commitment to take the necessary actions so we can infuse the essence of the word into our character.

Notice how I say character and not situation. The word wants to transform us, not the people around us or our surroundings.

pick your word printable -daridesignstudio.com

Picking out a word is fun and super easy!

There are many ways to do it. Try out the way we do it by following the instructions and downloading our simple printable worksheet.


Visualize your ideal day. If money, time or energy were never a problem, how would you spend your days? Take one day as an example. Your favorite day and write down how would it go from morning to night. You can make this as long or short as you want to.


Using this worksheet, rate what areas of your life you feel need the most work. One being “needs a lot of work” and 10 being “Ideal”. For the same area, rate how much you enjoy working on this area.  You might naturally be inclined to make progress with your kids, but lack the enthusiasm and energy to be a better wife. One is “wish this area didn’t exist” and 10 is “can’t get enough”


Pick one area you rated as “needs most work” and write it down inside the Burning Flames bubble. If you are having a hard time picking one because you have several words to pick from, do the following quick exercise.

I call it Flying Carpet: Write each area word on different sheets of paper. These are your carpets, make sure the sheets of paper all look the same. Put them on the floor facing down and while asking what area you should pick, step on each paper sheet. Pay attention to how you feel when standing on each carpet. Do you have goose bumps, do you feel nervous, do you feel nothing, do you feel butterflies? Close your eyes so that you can listen better to your intuition. The carpet that makes you fly is the winner!

Now pick one area you rated as the least natural to make progress, your “wish it didn’t exist” area. Write the area name inside the Skull bubble.

Underneath the area names, use the space inside each bubble to describe why you rated it the way you did. Think about how could you improve on these areas. What new quality, tool, help or situation would you need in order to make this improvement happen.

Using a worksheet to pick a word of the year -daridesignstudio.com


Use this line to jot down a HUGE dream you have. What’s the biggest dream you have for your life, not just for 2016 but just for your life in general. This could sound like these examples in your head: I want to hike Mount Everest. I want to have 4 kids. I want to be financially free for the rest of my life. I want to travel the world. When you write the sentence down, write it as an affirmation. It should sound something like this,  “I have 4 kids.”


Now go back through all the steps from one to four and circle words that you have an affinity with. There will be words that are calling your name. Even the negative words are important. If you have a sentence that reads, “I feel drained by the end of the day”,  you can circle drained and think of the opposite, energized. You can also make new words from ideas that a sentence might spark such as imprisoned (feeling trap inside a short day). Start adding all these words to your possible words area.


From this list chose 5 more words to add to your possible words in the DIG section. Look at all your words, contemplate them and sleep on them before you get to your next step.


Narrow down your words to 3 or pick your final word if you are ready.

Congratulations!!! you have your new word to guide you and change you if you let it!

My 2016 word is CONNECT and Dariela’s word is FRIENDSHIP.

I would add that your word is not always permanent. You might feel that maybe in six months this word doesn’t serve you any more. Be flexible and listen to your intuition. You can simply try the worksheet again.


Click image to download the color version

Last-minute Tips!

We wanted to give you a couple tips to start the syncing word magic:

  • Add your word to ALL the weeks of your planner. We include questions to remind us such as: How am I connecting (substitute connect for your word) with others this week? In which ways have I been grateful  (substitute grateful for your word) this week? How am I nurturing my friendships this week?
  • Get creative and make a nice painting with your word. Hang it on a place where you get to see it everyday. You can also paint a rock with your word and keep it on your desk or in your purse. Write it on a white board or near the door.
  • Think about what activities you can start in order to align more with your word. If your word is compassion for example, make sure you are picking up the phone maybe once a week and being compassionate with a close one. Or maybe you can also practice with a stranger. Schedule definite days, times and people so that you can measure better your progress.

We hope you have fun and enjoy this process of picking your word for 2016! After you pick your word, take the next step and tell us all about it in the comments. We’d love to hear what you end up choosing, so please share!


Click image to download the black and white version


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