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DARIELA - Graduated as a graphic designer in Venezuela. After that she worked as a junior designer, senior designer and art director in the corporate world in Venezuela, Mexico City and Los Angeles, emphasizing in packaging design.

DARIANA – Has a B.A. in advertising and marketing in Venezuela and worked as a marketing and graphic designer for several companies in Venezuela, Mexico City and Los Angeles. Her work focused mainly in the gift and stationary industry.

Both sisters were always involved with art and design: “Both of our parents are architects and we were taken to a museum pretty much every weekend of our lives when we were growing up.” They first co-founded Folklore Eye in 2006 and then rebranded it to Dari Design Studio in 2010 to provide more ample services for the graphic design industry and now they are opening to licensing design.

They describe their designs as eye-catching. “We have developed a portfolio of a variety of innovative designs that reflect our multi-cultural influences crossed with the modern trends of today.”

“We describe our style as modernly eclectic and sometimes cute busy. We think our designs hold the potential to develop into a unique brand yet still converge into today’s audience demands.” “Our theme is we have no theme, the range of things that you can see reflected in our work is so crazy and unrelated that we might call it the universe theme. One day we are obsessed with a specific trend and the next day we are inspired by ballons or frogs or buildings or galaxies. It’s kind of hard for us to stick with one thing.”

Why is it great to work with us? You will be working with 2 passionate designers. We stay very hungry to learn and yet provide all of our creative talent an knowledge into the process. We understand the fine line between launching our brand and designing within our style and the market needs and trends. We are huge advocates of staying opened to the industriy’s ideas and tendencies. Which all translates to valuing our buyer’s selections, feedbacks in a time effective manner.