Progress Check for our Word of the Year

Word of the year progress check

At the beginning of this year I picked a word to guide me through the year. The word I picked was CONNECT.

I talked about choosing my word of the year here and also created a printable so you too could pick a word. It’s not too late if you want to pick a word to guide you, any time of the year works!

I’m here to tell you about my progress so far with my word. I learn a lot from how others approach their processes and that’s what I’m hoping happens for you when I share my experience.

It’s important to revise and check our progress on the endeavors we set for ourselves because sometimes we abandon our goals when all we needed was to re-assess and tweak the parts that aren’t working.

My assessment consists of answering a group of questions that help me be mindful about where I stand with this word. It is easier to answer the questions because that brings structure to a large amount of disorganized thoughts and feelings I have around my experience. It also helps me recall and dig out vital information that can be very helpful! To me and to you!

Feel free to use these same questions and share with us anything that comes up for you in the comment area below.

How has the process of connecting (fill in with your word) felt so far?

Daily, the word guides my purpose in life. Or at least the days I remember, which are more than the ones I don’t. I feel more alive when I connect with a community, friend to be, or family member. The feeling of listening or just being present for others makes a positive difference in me. Also, the feeling of letting others help me, or listen to me, or guide me makes me feel fulfilled and it gives certainty to my life purpose.

What has felt easy/come naturally with the word ?

It feels natural to connect to people once I am in a conversation or in the same space with them where everything seems to flow energetically smooth. It also seems more natural to remember to be on the lookout for these opportunities weekly.

What has been challenging?

To let go of my personal idea about how connecting to others looks like and be open to whatever way that comes into my life instead. Focusing on the quality behind connecting – which is to regularly recognize in others my own self and be able to remember that connecting to others has nothing to do with what they do about it and or who they are.

What support might you need that you are not getting?

I might need to dedicate more conscious time and effort to this process. Support myself by giving myself more time to plan, check with my intuition and prioritize it even more, especially with family members and friends that I want to re-connect with. I can also ask for guidance in my community and purposely share more about my process.

Are there any adjustments that need to be made to the process itself or any change in the word?

Not more than the ones I’ve stated before.

Share any feedback (positive and constructive) about these 6 months with your guiding word:

Word of the year progress check, share your feedback!

  • I make a steady effort to put myself in an environment with new friends. And when I’m there, I make an effort to follow up or introduce myself.

  • I schedule at least 2 of these interactions per week.

  • I get less discouraged throughout the process. I try again without talking bad to myself.

  • I make an effort to ask questions and really listen.

  • I make a conscious effort to smile more.

  • I make an effort to forgive little things.

  • I try to stop myself from criticizing someone I don’t know.

Word of the year progress check, share your feedback!

  • There is still a lot I can do to get out of my comfort zone and reach out.
  • I could be more patient, especially with old friends and family members.

  • There is also a huge jump to be taken to connect more with the Dari Design Community

  • I can put more effort and focus on communicating better. I discovered that communication, is vital for connection.

What needs to be true by the next time we have a progress check in by the end of the year?

An overall feeling that at least 50% of the challenging and constructive areas were have been overcome and addressed.

We love sharing what we’ve learned with you through this blog – it helps us all learn and grow together! Your turn, how are doing with your word? If you didn’t pick one earlier this year, but could choose a word today, what would it be and why? Let us know!! Let’s grow alongside each other!!

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