There is still Time for a New Years Photo Card!

Happy New Year Photo Cards Designs

You have your Holiday photos but you haven’t made cards yet and it’s Dec 20th! Does that sound familiar? Well, remember there is still one last celebration, the New Year!

And you still have time to pick a New Years photo card and send before then.

As you might know, we usually have Holiday designs at Mpix, and this year we have several that are specifically for New Years, some that include Christmas and New Years and some that even say nice Holiday messages (like Peace on Earth example below) which can work for after Christmas too.

Peace on Earth Card

If you haven’t done a Holiday Family portrait yet, you can also look up the best family pictures you have taken during the year and use them for your card.

When selecting the photos for a card remember to use the ones that go well together in between them and that share similar colors with the card you chose.

That way they will automatically look great with your Photo Card! I particularly love the ones that have several spots to place photos because it’s hard to decide on just one or two images, don’t you think?

New year Collage Photo Card
New year Collage Photo Card

Check out how the card below has photos with red and blue matching the card so smoothly!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, both messages in a card

To order any of these designs from MPIX, you can go here. If you are still planning on taking photos, check out our best tips before you go!

Peace and love Card colorful card

Whichever photos and cards you pick, remember to have fun and enjoy the process of personalizing your holiday or new year greetings!

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