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Today we are sharing all our inside out on how we prepared and made decisions for our product photos. By the way, did you know that “Product and still life photo sessions” is a service we provide? If you are interested in having us photograph your products let us know here

We recently ordered a bunch of personalized products with our designs: Five different pillowcases, two sets of plates and four wrapping paper rolls with our designs on it. We wanted all of these items to be the main focal point of our latest photoshoot.

Pillows, wrapping paper and plate design

Here is the behind the scenes of our latest product photo shoot:

When we shared our photos on social media (during and after the photoshoot), a lot of people asked us, where can I buy those products?

The thing is that they look real, and they are real, but they are just samples. Meaning we just ordered one of each, for the purpose of having nice pictures for our new licensing site, soon to be launched!

Showing nice, real product photos will give our prospective clients a better idea of how our designs can look on their products. Don’t you agree? As soon as our future vendors manufacture products with our designs, then believe us, you will be the first to know where you can buy them.  Speaking of that, if you really truly want to be the first one to know when and where our products are available you can head over to our licensing mailing list here.

Why did we pick pillows, plates and wrapping paper? Out of all the products you can order online like duvets, shower curtains, rugs, cell phone cases and more?

Pillow designs -Daridesignstudio


We want to cater to the home decor industry and pillows are an essential part.  They are easy to transport and maneuver for a photoshoot. It’s also easy to layout our designs on a pillow because it works just like a white flat canvas. Before the photoshoot, we had already done our homework research. We created a Pinterest board for inspiration on how we could take unique pictures with pillows.

Pillow pattern design -Daridesignstudio

We ordered them from ShutterflyWe love Shutterfly because it gives you the option to have a double sided case but also just one sided with either a white back panel or a black back panel.

When you choose the white or black panels, it is more affordable. Also having that white panel allowed us to take some pictures that can be used as mocks for new designs. Another plus is that Shutterfly always has discounts going on, we got 30% off our complete order plus free shipping at the time we ordered. It was a win-win! The last thing that closed the deal for us, is that they were the only place (that we know of) we could afford ordering custom plates from, so we wanted to make sure we could get as many products from one platform as possible, to save on shipping.

How much it cost:

2 Single-sided Indoor Pillow (12×16): $34.99

2 Single-sided Indoor Pillow (16×16): $39.99

1 Single-sided Indoor Pillow (18×18): $44.99

Total pillows minus 30% disc.: $136.50


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The tabletop industry is another ramification of home goods that we’ll like to be a part of. However printing personalized plates is expensive.

Christmas plate designs

We found the ones from Shutterfly were way more affordable than the ones from Zazzle even though Zazzle offers porcelain and paper plates besides melamine. We had already made some digital mocks of our plates to submit our work to various companies, so we simply chose from those designs to make the real plates. The only downsize of these plates is that they only offer them on this large size, we wish we had smaller versions to complement the large ones.

We ordered them from Shutterfly, mainly because of the reasons stated above and also because laying out and uploading art for all products in Shutterfly is very very easy!

Plate design

How much it cost:

4 Plates at $17.99 each

Total plates minus 30% disc.: $50.37


Another one of our favorites! The gift and stationery industry is definitely at the top of our list. This one was a hard pick, we wanted to make journals, cards and plenty more goodies but there wasn’t so much time or budget we could spare for the prop gathering and making. So we decided to stick with showing gifts wrapped and gift bags.

Dari Design Studio wrapping paper

We ordered them from SpoonflowerThere aren’t many places offering custom wrapping paper where you can upload your own design. Most places have nice templates that are personalized by uploading pictures or changing some words and colors. Zazzle, Shutterfly and Minted work that way. We needed to upload our own designs and that is what Spoonflower offers.

We had worked with Spoonflower before, they also print on fabric and wallpaper. Let me say that if you are thinking of printing any of these three products with them, you won’t regret it. Their quality is really good. We loved both the shiny and the satin finished. We also love that they are full bleed and made in the USA!

Wrapping paper design -Daridesignstudio

How much it cost:

6 Rolls at $13.50 each

Total paper rolls: $88.00

Our final product cost total including taxes and shipping was approx $300.00.

We also went to buy a lot of props to coordinate and beautify our photo scenes. That is always fun and we could spend a week doing this, although it is hard work to arrange all of it once we’re at the shoot.

Brand-photoshoot props ideas

Pssst! We then returned some of those items back to the stores! (Like the red ceramic pig, the big fake plant in the back, the red basket and the pale green lantern in the back shown in this picture above.)

We hope you enjoyed and learned something new from our product photo shoot days. We’ll be back with another photoshoot post and tips!

Do you have any secrets or tips to share with us?

We create for life meaning and happiness! We hope it’s contagious!


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  1. Nadine says:

    This are really good tips that you are sharing with us! The result is great and colourful! Thank you :)

  2. Shayla J says:

    Love the clean white backdrop. Is that fabric you set them in front of? What is your lighting set up?

    • dariela says:

      Thanks Shayla! Are you talking about the gifts photo? That’s a huge white foamcore piece we have only for photo shoots. The light is all natural light, the photos were taken in the patio!

  3. Katja says:

    Thank you so much for letting us see behind the scenes! I love your designs and how they look on product. I have often thought about doing this myself, and you show that it is easily possible and affordable. Thank you!

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