Surtex Debut Announcement

surface pattern Dari Design Studio tribal rose

We have already reserved our booth for 2013!! and there are no words to describe how excited we are!!

There is yet so much more to say around the Surtex subject that is not possible to say it all in one post. So, please expect updates and talks about our journey to Surtex in the many months ahead. One thing I want to say about this goal of ours is that more than a goal this has been our DREAM to get the opportunity to showcase and display our art to potencial buyers. And further more to walk with confidence towards infinite possibilities in the licensing industry.



SURTEX is a Trade show for selling and licensing art and design. The trade show is in New York every year in May. I found the trade show photo above here

Now that I made the big announcement. – I’m going to share two fun facts about how we work together to get to our trade show goal

• Weekly art creation agreement:

We decided that in order for us to build our portfolio for the trade show we needed to create at least one art piece a week (we started this process back in April) and this art piece was due every Wednesday night. We created a private blog space to upload and share our new pieces every week. We also created a big no excuses rule. That pretty much means exactly that NO EXCUSES, no even illness, no even travels, no excuses.!! So if one of us failed to upload the new art piece, she’d have to pay the other one a $10 penalty fee using a gift card of her choice. Funny right?… We did this because we knew that even if you feel 200% passionate and dedicated about your Dreams, life happens in between and we end up stucked in the daily little tasks of our lives many times, leaving the dream pursuing activities for the next day. But this time, we were really committed, so we needed a rule to protect ourselves from guest who?our sabotaging selves. And it worked!! and still works!! -I would say even if you run your business all by yourselve it makes a huge difference to have someone else hold you accountable for key dream pursuing activities.

• Weekly mandatory video call:

A fun fact is that we have a family business that strives best when we are apart (I’m in LA my sister is in San Diego). No, no, don’t get me wrong. We get along very well, so well that we discovered that when we are physically working together we tend to be more on the family/friend role than on the business role. Crazy! but true. We have discovered amazing levels of productivity, discipline, effectiveness and work balance since we have been working together from 2 different cities. Who would it thought that the virtual meeting room (video call) would do us so well!.



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