We are headed to Surtex 2014

#sutex Dari Design Studio is happy to present new collection for all ocassions

Heading to Surtex 2014 next week is a great come back post after almost 3 months of not stoping here to give you some love.

We are ready and excited to be in  NYC once again showcasing our work and our passion. Remember how we were able to make it last year? We did a crowd funding campaign and raised our way to The Big Apple.


This year we have done things a little different, we are so grateful to be able to afford our own participation in Surtex and we are being able to learn from our past experience in many ways.

It really comes in handy to write stuff down and do a summary at the end of the show, because it is amazing how much we can forget in one year. Specially writing down to the penny how much money we spent with all designated details. Now we know better what to do and what not to do. It is still a learning process of course.


We are very open and enthusiastic to keep learning and gaining much experience as time passes by, this is only our second year so in the big scheme of things we are still Surtex babies.


I remember how we thought we were going to be able to blog a lot when we came back and sometimes I even thought we could blog while there. This year I know better, so I wont promise anything. We’ll be keeping you posted often of our journey through our social media channels, specially Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Can’t wait to see you there and feel your support!!

Oh and by the way, did you like the sneak peek of our new Surtex collections I posted?

Hope you did!!! It makes me very happy to share what we are up to and where we are headed!

Now is your turn. What have you been up to?

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