Picmonkey Webinars for Bloggers Recap

We started teaching two new Picmonkey Webinars this past February. One of them was conceived for all you bloggers out there that struggle with ideas and techniques to make your photo collages attractive to your audience. This class included easy and quick techniques to make your own headers and/or badges as well. Today I wanted to present you with the final result of the work we did during our session. So, above are the compositions we made... Read More

Before and After – Fix a poor indoor light photo

Hello! Happy New Year! We took a little winter break over here at Dari Design Studio but we are back with more posts for you! This photo was taken indoors and as much as we try to white balance a photo, sometimes there isn’t enough time to do so. My white balance was set to auto because it’s what usually works best with my camera, but I don’t think this was best! It ended up so red! To fix a really bad indoor-light photo I convert... Read More

Before and After – Add text to your photo

Today is all about the pretty add-ons you can have on a photo. This photo is already nice, but adding a title with a special design on it always enhances the image. It could be used in a blog or for a label or card to print and give along with the egg nog you make for Christmas. In this case I decided to add a fun tape underneath the title. I got the tape from Pugly Pixel, always a wonderful place to get useful photoshop goodies. You can learn how... Read More

Before and After – Cleaning a photo in Photoshop

First thing I need to say about this before and after photo is –LOOK CLOSELY! Besides adjusting the light and cropping this photo, there is a huge difference between the before and after photos. Can you find it? –Ok, I’m going to help you a little. There are 3 areas of the photo where I used the “clone tool” to erase some distracting elements. It makes such a subtle change but it makes a HUGE visual difference by making the focal... Read More

Before and After – Contrasting a photo

Some of you know you already that we teach online Photoshop classes, and if not, check out up here on the menu where it says Learn Photoshop! We will be posting before and after photos every week so you can see some of the things you can learn in our online Photoshop classes. Adding contrast to a photo Today is all about contrast, a photo might be already nice but still needs an extra touch and it is contrast. I applied contrast to this photo and... Read More