We All Grow Summit: Here We Come!

We just finished packing! (really I just closed my luggage) We are ready to head over to Long Beach for an amazing weekend at We All Grow Summit!! We All Grow Summit is a conference held annually in Los Angeles for latina professionals in the digital space. It’s a space all about support, smiles, courage, friendship, learning, getting out of our comfort zone, growing of course and inspiring one another. The group that did the photography session... Read More

7 Awesome Tools of the Trade that We Can’t Live Without

We are always thinking how essential some of the tools we use are. As creative entrepreneurs that work from home there are specific tools that make our everyday flow easier, leaving us with more time and energy to be creative. This list contains all of our essential productivity tools. Believe us, these 7 tools of the trade are things that we can’t live without! Productivity   Boomerang: Top favorite! Boomerang for Gmail lets you schedule... Read More

Know your strengths and flaws before attending a Conference

Conference season is over for us.  It was an amazing season and I personally learned so much! about the industry and about myself. I met new people and got my motivation levels back to “very high”. Instead of doing a recap of our last 2 conferences we attended and presented Latism and Blogalicious, I want to tell you about how I had a revelation on how important it is to be very clear about your strengths and flaws before attending a... Read More

Bloggers Conference Season

Above photo taken by Patrice Saint-Louis Photography This has definitely been the busiest season for bloggers. At list for us it is, we have 2 more conferences to go and we are very excited!! The Niche Parent last week was an opportunity to keep learning, reinforce already good relationships and attract new relationships and connections. It was also about learning more about our customer. Specially, about what all you bloggers out there are eager... Read More

Heading to our Second Bloggers Conference in 2013

A little note to keep you updated in our endeavors. We are heading back to the East Coast for our second bloggers conference in 2013!! The Niche Parent Conference 2013. By the way, did I mention we designed the conference logo? if you like you can see more of our work here We were in Miami for our first conference of the year back in April, you can read more about how that went here and you can also read about how I prepare my wardrobe for Conferences... Read More

Picmonkey Webinars for Bloggers Recap

We started teaching two new Picmonkey Webinars this past February. One of them was conceived for all you bloggers out there that struggle with ideas and techniques to make your photo collages attractive to your audience. This class included easy and quick techniques to make your own headers and/or badges as well. Today I wanted to present you with the final result of the work we did during our session. So, above are the compositions we made... Read More

How to create a header for your blog or website

Here is a Photoshop tutorial I made for all entrepreneurs and small business owners out there who would like to learn how to create a header for your blog or website. Or maybe you already know how but you are interested in learning new time saver methods to incorporate to yours. Keep in mind this method also works for creating cover photos for your facebook page or ad badges for your blog, etc. Also, is very important to make sure before you take... Read More

Photoshop vs. PicMonkey

I had so much fun making this Info-graphic. I made it in Photoshop from scratch in case you are curious. So many people ask me about the differences of what we teach. -What do you think is best for me? Which class should I take?. I decided to create a visual comparison chart that answers those questions in a fun and informative way. So if you are asking yourself the same questions this one is for you. One row at a time, fill in the little squares... Read More