We All Grow Summit: Here We Come!

We just finished packing! (really I just closed my luggage) We are ready to head over to Long Beach for an amazing weekend at We All Grow Summit!! We All Grow Summit is a conference held annually in Los Angeles for latina professionals in the digital space. It’s a space all about support, smiles, courage, friendship, learning, getting out of our comfort zone, growing of course and inspiring one another. The group that did the photography session... Read More

Font Friday: True North

It’s that time again! Time to share the love for fonts! Font Friday! Oh, it has been sooo long, but I’m back sharing a new font I’m loving today. It seems that the mountains, camp and rustic kind of look are very in style these days, and many fonts veer that way as well. Today’s font: True North by Cultivated Mind It’s a vintage headline font, and comes with a bunch of extras, banners and labels. I think that many fonts... Read More

7 Awesome Tools of the Trade that We Can’t Live Without

We are always thinking how essential some of the tools we use are. As creative entrepreneurs that work from home there are specific tools that make our everyday flow easier, leaving us with more time and energy to be creative. This list contains all of our essential productivity tools. Believe us, these 7 tools of the trade are things that we can’t live without! Productivity   Boomerang: Top favorite! Boomerang for Gmail lets you schedule... Read More

Font Friday: Trend by Latinotype

Did you know I love fonts? Well now you know. I do and it’s been too long since I don’t post about them. I love the Font Friday movement so let’s get back into it. Today I’m presenting you with the font Trend by Latinotype. This amazing font was one of the most popular fonts in 2013 and I think it will still be in 2014. It has just so many variations and options, I love when a font has that! Not only the regular bold and italic... Read More

Use “self taken phone photos” to create an attractive blog

How many times do you find yourself stuck with a great blog post idea but so uninspired to use the only two unattractive “self taken phone photos” you took  at the event you want to blog about? Of course you could go online and maybe find better photos. But the idea here is to make your blog very personal and use your own photos as much as possible. I provide unattractive “self taken phone photos” as learning material during my photoshop... Read More

Why should you attend a Conference?

While at Hispanicize this past week I had an Aha moment! where I started to see more clearly how important was for me to show up at this Conferences and how is my inspiration, endurance and creativity connected to my attendance to these events. So the big highlighted question in my head was Why should you attend a Conference?  … And before I go on. I mean: Why should you attend a Conference in your field not once but several times a year •... Read More

Hispanicize was filled with awesomeness!!

We are back!! Miami and Hispanicize was pretty espectacular for us!! I can’t wait to share everything we learned We met new people, made connections, got inspired, motivated and as a result many new ideas and projects are already bubbling up in my head. Let me start by saying the whole scene was fantastic, Miami Beach sets you in the right mood. From day one the view from our hotel room was beautiful!! (Hence picture above). It was hard not... Read More

Font Friday: Barber

I’ve been watching the Font Friday movement for quite a while now and I love it, many bloggers post about fonts they like each friday under the #FontFriday hashtag. So given my devotion and love for fonts I decided I needed to not just sit and admire but also participate, why not?! Today I am bringing you the font Barber designed by Emil Karl Bertell from Finland. I made the design above using Barber 4. I love this font because it is very... Read More

Before and After: Retouching and adding a logo

This Before and After is very useful for Bloggers. Sometimes we have photos that look good except for some object that’s on the way voulá or if it had more space to add a logo nicely. But it can be fixed for most of the times. For example, I think this photo here looks nice and festive for the Holidays but there is that white thing on the left side, I think it was the side of a sofa. I could crop it and leave that side off but the blurred... Read More

Welcome to Dari Design Blog! {Giveaway}

  As the title on our blog header says: 2 Sisters 1 Journey we are excited to share our journey with you. Over in our sidebar we have listed some of the categories we will be talking about. For example Head into business: We will share the non designer side of the business, we’ll talk about the way we come to an agreement even if we don’t agree or we’ll share some inside info on our video-meetings. Get the idea? Now on the... Read More