Conference Tips and Tricks: Following Up

Did you come home from your last conference with a stack of business cards? Hooray! But is that stack just sitting on your desk now, waiting ever so patiently for you to take the next step? It’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement of conference planning, we sometimes forget that our actions during and after the conference are key to forming lasting and valuable relationships. To begin with, wasn’t networking one of the reasons for... Read More

We All Grow Summit 2016 – Part2

We had the best time at We All Grow Summit and learned so much! We want you to learn and grow with us, so today we are continuing our 2-part recap with all the things we learned (Check out the first WAG recap part here). The most important 3 lessons we took from WAG Dariana: 1. One thing I re-learned about myself is that I get much more stimulated by practical and viable ideas. So panels like workshops and classes were my favorites! My creative rational... Read More

We All Grow Summit 2016 -Part 1

Let us start by saying We All Grow Summit was hands down the BEST Hispanic Bloggers and Influencers Conference we have ever been to in the USA. We came back deeply inspired and motivated to keep moving forward and to keep elevating ourselves to our highest potential in business and in our personal lives as well. Also big thanks to Ana Flores for attending this deeper call and taking action to create a community where we can all grow. We know the challenges... Read More

We All Grow Summit: Here We Come!

We just finished packing! (really I just closed my luggage) We are ready to head over to Long Beach for an amazing weekend at We All Grow Summit!! We All Grow Summit is a conference held annually in Los Angeles for latina professionals in the digital space. It’s a space all about support, smiles, courage, friendship, learning, getting out of our comfort zone, growing of course and inspiring one another. The group that did the photography session... Read More

Know your strengths and flaws before attending a Conference

Conference season is over for us.  It was an amazing season and I personally learned so much! about the industry and about myself. I met new people and got my motivation levels back to “very high”. Instead of doing a recap of our last 2 conferences we attended and presented Latism and Blogalicious, I want to tell you about how I had a revelation on how important it is to be very clear about your strengths and flaws before attending a... Read More

Heading to our Second Bloggers Conference in 2013

A little note to keep you updated in our endeavors. We are heading back to the East Coast for our second bloggers conference in 2013!! The Niche Parent Conference 2013. By the way, did I mention we designed the conference logo? if you like you can see more of our work here We were in Miami for our first conference of the year back in April, you can read more about how that went here and you can also read about how I prepare my wardrobe for Conferences... Read More

3 Steps to Prepare Your Conference Wardrobe

Hi friends, I’m sitting here in my cozy LA apartment with loose jeans and white t-shirt getting ready to do some new re-search for my next conference wardrobe. Today is perfect to share with you some tricks and tips that I ended up realizing I gained from preparing my wardrobe for a couple conferences this year. I think everything some how came together at the Hispanicize Conference 2013. I got complements a couple times through out the Conference... Read More

Dari Design Surtex Booth: How we did it

For our booth design at Surtex we started dreaming big, we were thinking chandeliers, pretty table, stylish chairs, etc, etc. Well, thank goodness we didn’t go that route, actually, we couldn’t, it would have been too expensive. Shipping is crazy expensive and then we have to ship things back for what? What would we do with the furniture afterwards? One of the best tips we got from attending the booth design webminar that Surtex offers... Read More

Hispanicize was filled with awesomeness!!

We are back!! Miami and Hispanicize was pretty espectacular for us!! I can’t wait to share everything we learned We met new people, made connections, got inspired, motivated and as a result many new ideas and projects are already bubbling up in my head. Let me start by saying the whole scene was fantastic, Miami Beach sets you in the right mood. From day one the view from our hotel room was beautiful!! (Hence picture above). It was hard not... Read More

The Big News is: We’re going to Hispanicize!

Yes, it’s true! I am so excited! this will be my first time at the Hispanicize 2013 Miami Conference. I’ve heard so many amazing things about Hispanicize, especially from my sister since she was there last year and learned and enjoyed so much!. Check out her blog where she talks about it here. I always thought the time will come when Dari Design Studio makes a presence at Hispanicize and guess what? It’s happening!!… Thanks... Read More