6 Tips to Create Everyday and Build the Habit

I have a confession to make. I am an artist. I haven’t sat down to paint and create new art in 4 months. There I said it! Brené Brown says “Shame cannot survive being spoken.” Today I decided to kill shame and write this blog post. If you are an artist, you are probably following along with ease because you know that creating everyday is the ideal ritual that will take you to the next level. But, it’s a ‘not-so-easy-surefire’... Read More

Black Friday Deal Giveaway: Holiday Photo Cards

I wasn’t born into the Black Friday tradition. However… even though we’ve been living in this country for more than 10 years, it was only 3 years ago that I got into the Black Friday commotion. In my case I have to blame my husband. I would see him get so excited about Black Friday that it was contagious. It’s important to say that I don’t really believe in out of control consumerism nor do I think one should buy more... Read More

Making Mockups: A Tool to Fine Tune Art Licensing Collections

We have been working lately on making beautiful mockups for our buyers in art licensing. It’s amazing the difference that it makes to see our art and designs on a digital mockup or a real product than just flat on a pattern. This is especially true for some categories more than others. Meaning, it wouldn’t be so bad to see a journal or wall art flat on a jpg. However for other categories (plates, bedding, etc) adding mockups to our art... Read More

4 Photo Tips to Create the Best Holiday Photo Cards

It’s that time of the year when you might be preparing your photos for your family holiday photo cards! And we can help! It’s no secret that we love photography. Well, I love looking at the photos my sister loves taking.  So that makes us a well-rounded, photography-loving pair. Head over to our new Minted store and check out our store front to see what I mean! To top it off we both love designing, so imagine what a delight it is for... Read More

Our Design Process: Blank Canvas Hop {Giveaway}

Welcome back to our space! Today we are sharing our design process joining the Blank Canvas Blog Hop with other wonderful artists. We are in the middle of doing so many things like re-designing our whole site, it’s a huge job but it will bring great things. Change is always good! Anyways, this “Blank Canvas” is about how each of us artists approach it, how do we fill this sometimes-dreaded blank canvas? My sister and me have similar... Read More

Free Facebook Covers to ring the New Year!

As promised here we have some more free Facebook covers, they were designed with Picmonkey! Download one and post them on your wall to impress your friends! You can download any of them for your personal use except this one with the picture of our family. Just click on each picture to download them!   Click on the Cover to download it for personal use Thank you SO MUCH for all of you that come by and read our blog each week, we look forward to... Read More

Twitter Party Invitation Design

We have designed a lot of Twitter party invitations now and I wanted to showcase some of them here. It’s amazing how they make a difference. Instead of just black text on white with no photos or images is nice to get a pretty invitation right? Even if it’s online! Mosts designs we’ve done for is for our client Latina Bloggers Connect, they really like to maintain their online image up to date and these invites have been a go-to... Read More

Our Surtex Booth Design

I can’t believe it’s already been more than a month since Surtex and since all that stress of putting together our Surtex booth design among many other details to get there. All the hard work and the expectations are over, oh but it was so worth it! And this first experience will be paving the way for our business in this new area of surface pattern design that we for sure love and want to keep at it. Today I wanted to show you some beauty... Read More

We are Hiring!

Do you want to learn about what it takes to open and build a design studio? We are growing rapidly, this is a great opportunity to learn and immerse yourself in design work, social media, marketing, blogging and all kind of entrepreneur activities. Here at DDS our mission is to inspire our clients to follow their dreams. To think infinite possibilities and to use our passionate design business journey to motivate them to live their LIFE like no one... Read More