10 Favorite 4th of July Digital Invitations

We love Holidays because, well who doesn’t?… and also because it’s a great opportunity to see beautiful art out there in the market. Cute party plates, napkins, centerpieces and all sorts of fun stuff to inspire your holiday celebrations. Since we won’t be hosting a 4th of July party we sometimes think our hours of surfing the web for eye candy cuteness gets wasted. But! There is a but… what if you were planning a party and needed help... Read More

Coming Soon: A Visual Guide for Artists!

If you follow us on social media you might have seen some excitement lately as we are finalizing this digital visual guide for artists that we are calling: Stand out! We teamed with other artists and experts to share 12 tips that will help us all stand out from the crowd. The guide is very visual, illustrated and designed by us with added actionable steps so you can actually do the tips that are offered. As we finish up the last touches, we invite... Read More

Day of the Dead Art and Inspiration

We curated a list of favorite Day of the Dead art that we found on the web to inspire you and get you into the Day of the Dead spirit. We are always on the lookout for art that shows a unique blend between the traditional  and cultural origins of the subject with new twists. We like seeing the authentic style of the artist spark through the piece. Plus, we love curating art and trends that inspire us and hope that these works inspire you too! As... Read More

Hand-Lettering: Creating a Postcard

It’s no secret that we love fonts and lettering around here, so diving into the hand-lettering world comes very natural to us. We also love to keep learning and take online classes whenever we find a good fit.  This time I took Martina Flor’s class in Skillshare and I love the results so I wanted to share the project with you. I first made little sketches with the word Hola. I wasn’t sure what else to write but I love the idea... Read More

Our Design Process: Blank Canvas Hop {Giveaway}

Welcome back to our space! Today we are sharing our design process joining the Blank Canvas Blog Hop with other wonderful artists. We are in the middle of doing so many things like re-designing our whole site, it’s a huge job but it will bring great things. Change is always good! Anyways, this “Blank Canvas” is about how each of us artists approach it, how do we fill this sometimes-dreaded blank canvas? My sister and me have similar... Read More

5 Infographic Design Tips

The design of an infographic is very meticulous, there are lots of numbers and statistics to include and we want to communicate the information as precisely as we possibly can. I find it fascinating. I love to be precise! Ok, well, as an artist, sometimes I’m not so precise but in the case of these graphics I certainly am. We have designed two infographics already and we are loving it. Next time you need to create an infographic, think about... Read More

Picmonkey Webinars for Bloggers Recap

We started teaching two new Picmonkey Webinars this past February. One of them was conceived for all you bloggers out there that struggle with ideas and techniques to make your photo collages attractive to your audience. This class included easy and quick techniques to make your own headers and/or badges as well. Today I wanted to present you with the final result of the work we did during our session. So, above are the compositions we made... Read More

Valentine’s Day printable note cards

And here they are! The result of our first Dari Challenge ever. In case you didn’t see our post last week, we challenged each other to a create a Valentine’s not card with an inspiration board and a specific size. And today we are sharing the designs plus we made a downloadable pdf for you to use at home too. Click the here to download this note card Do you want to guess who design which card? Well, I wont let you hanging, Dariana did... Read More

Senorita Vino logo

Señorita Vino is a site and forum dedicated to wine lovers, in particular, they seek to create a forum for Latinas who like wine but may feel somewhat intimidated by the notion of selecting, tasting and talking about it.    Read More

Holiday Gift Guide Design

I’ve always wanted to design a gift guide and to be able to start with this one as the first one ever is great! This gift guide is a project created by 3 friends and one of them is me! The part of being my own client is great (I barely had revisions!) but at the same time it is hard because anything is possible. I was still very clear on the direction for this guide. I was sure that I didn’t want to make the cover with a photograph, eventhough... Read More