10 Favorite 4th of July Digital Invitations

We love Holidays because, well who doesn’t?… and also because it’s a great opportunity to see beautiful art out there in the market. Cute party plates, napkins, centerpieces and all sorts of fun stuff to inspire your holiday celebrations. Since we won’t be hosting a 4th of July party we sometimes think our hours of surfing the web for eye candy cuteness gets wasted. But! There is a but… what if you were planning a party and needed help... Read More

Valentine’s Treat Bags

Valentine’s day is almost here! Over here in our studio we both like to celebrate this holiday. Each in our own way but we both enjoy it!! Dari and her hubby love to go out to eat somewhere special but not on the main day so it won’t be crowded and overpriced. At our house, we celebrate it more with the kids. My husband and I used to celebrate it by ourselves but that hasn’t been the case for a while, we are happy by giving each... Read More

A Gift Guide for the Creative and Artsy Entrepreneur

There is only one week left to get all your gift shopping together!! In case you are procrastinating on a gift for the creative and artsy entrepreneurs in your life or maybe you are wondering what can you get for us (hint hint!!), here is a list of unique gifts for creatives. We made a gift guide for $50 and under and one for over $50. Items that are marked with a ‘*’ means we have used them and recommend them. All others are just products... Read More

Black Friday Deal Giveaway: Holiday Photo Cards

I wasn’t born into the Black Friday tradition. However… even though we’ve been living in this country for more than 10 years, it was only 3 years ago that I got into the Black Friday commotion. In my case I have to blame my husband. I would see him get so excited about Black Friday that it was contagious. It’s important to say that I don’t really believe in out of control consumerism nor do I think one should buy more... Read More

Giving Thanks: Inspirations for a Creative Life

In preparation for Thanksgiving Day I made a mixed list (instead of a mixed tape) to inspire you to create, to be thankful and to act upon your calling despite your fears, so you can live a creative life. This inspiration list is a blend of: Favorite quotes related to creativity and gratefulness Our photo Thanksgiving cards and invites (which are available at Mpix) Things we are thankful for (because we want to create that space) Images of fun Thanksgiving... Read More

4 Photo Tips to Create the Best Holiday Photo Cards

It’s that time of the year when you might be preparing your photos for your family holiday photo cards! And we can help! It’s no secret that we love photography. Well, I love looking at the photos my sister loves taking.  So that makes us a well-rounded, photography-loving pair. Head over to our new Minted store and check out our store front to see what I mean! To top it off we both love designing, so imagine what a delight it is for... Read More

Free Facebook Covers to ring the New Year!

As promised here we have some more free Facebook covers, they were designed with Picmonkey! Download one and post them on your wall to impress your friends! You can download any of them for your personal use except this one with the picture of our family. Just click on each picture to download them!   Click on the Cover to download it for personal use Thank you SO MUCH for all of you that come by and read our blog each week, we look forward to... Read More

Free Printable Christmas Tags

Almost ready for Christmas? We are on our last of our to-do lists and still haven’t wrapped all the gifts, plus I’m not done shopping!! I realized I haven’t gotten any tags for the gifts yet this year so I decided to make this printable Christmas tag set and why not post this here for you too? Just one page, click on the link below the image to download. Have a great time wrapping presents and a very merry Christmas!   Click... Read More

5 Tips for designing a great Gift Guide

I just launched the 3 Amigas Holiday Gift Guide for the second time (Although this is our 4th guide!) and the experience of designing it -as always- is great but complex and sometimes overwhelming, especially now that it has grown and more special pages have to be created. That’s why we thought we could share some tips for designing a gift guide with you would be useful. Maybe you find yourself designing a gift guide one day, so here we go: 1.... Read More

4 (Free) Facebook Covers for the Holidays

I have designed 4 GREAT and FREE!! Facebook Covers for the Holidays. Show all your friends your Holiday spirit by displaying these fabulous Covers on your profile!. Click on each Cover and download them for your personal use As part of our Giving Back Holiday Spirit we would accommodate 4 requests for our next “Facebook Cover download” blog post celebrating New Years. Click on each Cover and download them for your personal use But, what... Read More