Making Mockups: A Tool to Fine Tune Art Licensing Collections

We have been working lately on making beautiful mockups for our buyers in art licensing. It’s amazing the difference that it makes to see our art and designs on a digital mockup or a real product than just flat on a pattern. This is especially true for some categories more than others. Meaning, it wouldn’t be so bad to see a journal or wall art flat on a jpg. However for other categories (plates, bedding, etc) adding mockups to our art... Read More

Use “self taken phone photos” to create an attractive blog

How many times do you find yourself stuck with a great blog post idea but so uninspired to use the only two unattractive “self taken phone photos” you took  at the event you want to blog about? Of course you could go online and maybe find better photos. But the idea here is to make your blog very personal and use your own photos as much as possible. I provide unattractive “self taken phone photos” as learning material during my photoshop... Read More

Picmonkey Webinars for Bloggers Recap

We started teaching two new Picmonkey Webinars this past February. One of them was conceived for all you bloggers out there that struggle with ideas and techniques to make your photo collages attractive to your audience. This class included easy and quick techniques to make your own headers and/or badges as well. Today I wanted to present you with the final result of the work we did during our session. So, above are the compositions we made... Read More

How to create a header for your blog or website

Here is a Photoshop tutorial I made for all entrepreneurs and small business owners out there who would like to learn how to create a header for your blog or website. Or maybe you already know how but you are interested in learning new time saver methods to incorporate to yours. Keep in mind this method also works for creating cover photos for your facebook page or ad badges for your blog, etc. Also, is very important to make sure before you take... Read More

Before and After – Fix a poor indoor light photo

Hello! Happy New Year! We took a little winter break over here at Dari Design Studio but we are back with more posts for you! This photo was taken indoors and as much as we try to white balance a photo, sometimes there isn’t enough time to do so. My white balance was set to auto because it’s what usually works best with my camera, but I don’t think this was best! It ended up so red! To fix a really bad indoor-light photo I convert... Read More

Before and After- Zoom and clone tool

This photo had good lighting already but needed a couple other retouch effects to give it definition. 1. I started by using the ”marquee tool” I selected the left lady (aka my sister) and moved it closer to the right lady (aka me) 2. The I proceeded with the ”clone tool” using the beige wall behind as target I cloned to fill in all the background. Making the background uniform allows a more clear focal point for the viewer. 3.... Read More

Photoshop vs. PicMonkey

I had so much fun making this Info-graphic. I made it in Photoshop from scratch in case you are curious. So many people ask me about the differences of what we teach. -What do you think is best for me? Which class should I take?. I decided to create a visual comparison chart that answers those questions in a fun and informative way. So if you are asking yourself the same questions this one is for you. One row at a time, fill in the little squares... Read More

Before and After: Retouching and adding a logo

This Before and After is very useful for Bloggers. Sometimes we have photos that look good except for some object that’s on the way voulá or if it had more space to add a logo nicely. But it can be fixed for most of the times. For example, I think this photo here looks nice and festive for the Holidays but there is that white thing on the left side, I think it was the side of a sofa. I could crop it and leave that side off but the blurred... Read More

Before and After-Photoshop Tips

This photo was the typical dulled phone photo. It definitely needed a punch! 1. I started by using the “clone tool” to clean the background (another bowl was showing) and the bottom right corner (a random pomegranate on top of the large spinach) 2. So I decided to change the background color using the “hue/saturation adjustment layer” I chose a blue tone that harmonizes well with the patterns in the bowl. 3. I also added a... Read More

Before and After – Add text to your photo

Today is all about the pretty add-ons you can have on a photo. This photo is already nice, but adding a title with a special design on it always enhances the image. It could be used in a blog or for a label or card to print and give along with the egg nog you make for Christmas. In this case I decided to add a fun tape underneath the title. I got the tape from Pugly Pixel, always a wonderful place to get useful photoshop goodies. You can learn how... Read More