Free Valentine’s Days Facebook Covers

Happy Love Day everyone!! We didn’t want to let this opportunity pass without creating  these two cute (Free) Valentine’s Day Facebook Covers as a  gift for you! Click on the Cover to download it for personal use We used to put these beauties together. We truly hope you enjoy them and use them not only for Valentine’s Day but for any LOVE express occasion. Click on the Cover to download it for personal use If you... Read More

Free Facebook Covers to ring the New Year!

As promised here we have some more free Facebook covers, they were designed with Picmonkey! Download one and post them on your wall to impress your friends! You can download any of them for your personal use except this one with the picture of our family. Just click on each picture to download them!   Click on the Cover to download it for personal use Thank you SO MUCH for all of you that come by and read our blog each week, we look forward to... Read More

4 (Free) Facebook Covers for the Holidays

I have designed 4 GREAT and FREE!! Facebook Covers for the Holidays. Show all your friends your Holiday spirit by displaying these fabulous Covers on your profile!. Click on each Cover and download them for your personal use As part of our Giving Back Holiday Spirit we would accommodate 4 requests for our next “Facebook Cover download” blog post celebrating New Years. Click on each Cover and download them for your personal use But, what... Read More

Heading to our Second Bloggers Conference in 2013

A little note to keep you updated in our endeavors. We are heading back to the East Coast for our second bloggers conference in 2013!! The Niche Parent Conference 2013. By the way, did I mention we designed the conference logo? if you like you can see more of our work here We were in Miami for our first conference of the year back in April, you can read more about how that went here and you can also read about how I prepare my wardrobe for Conferences... Read More

Use “self taken phone photos” to create an attractive blog

How many times do you find yourself stuck with a great blog post idea but so uninspired to use the only two unattractive “self taken phone photos” you took  at the event you want to blog about? Of course you could go online and maybe find better photos. But the idea here is to make your blog very personal and use your own photos as much as possible. I provide unattractive “self taken phone photos” as learning material during my photoshop... Read More

Picmonkey Webinars for Entrepreneurs Recap

Our Entrepreneur Picmonkey Webinar is also coming up next week! (as well as our webinar for bloggers) I thought it will be nice to show the two pieces we put together last webinar. Above a digital poster for a Garden Botanical Event and below a Business Card (we also created the logo using picmonkey) for a Cat hotel company. What do you think? like?   Hope you feel inspired and go to Picmonkey to create your business goodies. If you are in need... Read More

Picmonkey Webinars for Bloggers Recap

We started teaching two new Picmonkey Webinars this past February. One of them was conceived for all you bloggers out there that struggle with ideas and techniques to make your photo collages attractive to your audience. This class included easy and quick techniques to make your own headers and/or badges as well. Today I wanted to present you with the final result of the work we did during our session. So, above are the compositions we made... Read More

Before and After- Zoom and clone tool

This photo had good lighting already but needed a couple other retouch effects to give it definition. 1. I started by using the ”marquee tool” I selected the left lady (aka my sister) and moved it closer to the right lady (aka me) 2. The I proceeded with the ”clone tool” using the beige wall behind as target I cloned to fill in all the background. Making the background uniform allows a more clear focal point for the viewer. 3.... Read More

Photoshop vs. PicMonkey

I had so much fun making this Info-graphic. I made it in Photoshop from scratch in case you are curious. So many people ask me about the differences of what we teach. -What do you think is best for me? Which class should I take?. I decided to create a visual comparison chart that answers those questions in a fun and informative way. So if you are asking yourself the same questions this one is for you. One row at a time, fill in the little squares... Read More

Top 5 tools to use in PicMonkey

I want to share these Top 5 tools to use in PicMonkey. For those of you out there using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress, etc. and should I ask, who isn’t using any of those? Anyways, I hope my little list can come in handy for you. Specially for those of you that are still resisting learning Photoshop. Also, have I mentioned PicMonkey is FREE? Yes! FREE! (FYI they will start a premium paid option soon booo!). Here are the... Read More