3 Favorite Ways to Acquire New Buyer Contacts at Surtex

In May, we attended Surtex without exhibiting. You can see my impressions of the show here, and other posts about when we exhibited here. Even though we weren’t exhibiting this year, we were still able to make contact with several art directors and companies that we want to work with. In this post, we want to share our favorite ways to acquire new buyer contacts at Surtex. 1. Walking the National Stationery Show During my visit to Surtex, I did... Read More

Progress Check for our Word of the Year

At the beginning of this year I picked a word to guide me through the year. The word I picked was CONNECT. I talked about choosing my word of the year here and also created a printable so you too could pick a word. It’s not too late if you want to pick a word to guide you, any time of the year works! I’m here to tell you about my progress so far with my word. I learn a lot from how others approach their processes and that’s what I’m hoping... Read More

Surtex 2016 Recap – Insights and New Perspective

This year’s Surtex was very different for Dari Design Studio for two main reasons. One, we didn’t have a booth and two, we didn’t travel together to NYC. I went to NYC by myself and my sister stayed in Cali taking care of business. Naturally, you might expect our perspective to be a little different from our previous Surtex experiences. I was fortunate to coach a dear friend (Corinne) through her first show experience, not only preparing... Read More

Are you Ready to Hire a Coach for your Creative Business?

We have felt paralyzed and stuck with our creative business, ideas and projects many times. And one thing is for sure, not all methods and business formulas work for every creative business. Just like people, creative businesses are all different and need different things. We recently hired a marketing business coach and we have had several consulting experiences in the past. We thought it would be helpful to share the knowledge we got (and continue... Read More

10 Favorite Planners for the Creative Free Spirited Planners

This is the second part post of our favorite planners review this year. I curated a list of Creative Free Spirited Planners. If you consider yourself more of a Creative Planner Fanatic instead then check out our last post here. Before we go down the list it’s important to state, that you might use both planners in conjunction. One will be more of a yearly logistic, strategist book and the other planner will just be your day to day companion... Read More

5 Favorite Planners for the Creative Fanatic Planner

What a better way to say hello to a wonderful new year than to dedicate this space to find new ways to get more intentional, organized and purposeful in 2016. Being a creative entrepreneur is not an easy task. It takes lots of focus to plan and courage to execute our plans. Paradoxically our creative right brains insist on creating a successful business. And what is required for a successful business? Among many things… It requires planning... Read More

Top 5 Favorite Business Lessons Learned in 2015

As I write our almost last post for the year and seat in this coffee shop reflecting about how far we have come in 2015, it’s inevitable to start thinking about everything we’ve accomplished and also about everything we are curious to experiment next year. Out of all the years we’ve been in business we have taken many different paths and detours. For some reason 2015 has been the year where we finally feel grounded in our vision... Read More

Photoshop vs. PicMonkey

I had so much fun making this Info-graphic. I made it in Photoshop from scratch in case you are curious. So many people ask me about the differences of what we teach. -What do you think is best for me? Which class should I take?. I decided to create a visual comparison chart that answers those questions in a fun and informative way. So if you are asking yourself the same questions this one is for you. One row at a time, fill in the little squares... Read More