Tips for Traveling with Purpose

Traveling has always been at the core of my deepest dreams —ever since I can remember.

I’m referring to the dreams we hope to manifest in life. Not the ones we get in our sleep.

I am always in traveling mode, even when I’m not traveling.

I am particularly excited to tell you about traveling this Labor Day weekend because I am at the beginning of a 30-day trip. I am writing to you from the East Coast, sitting at a friend’s desk in a cozy apartment in Orlando, Florida.

Tips for traveling with purpose - Orlando vintage poster design

Puerto Rico & Orlando poster by  Michael Korfhage & Joel Anderson

You know how traveling makes you reflect on all kinds of things, right? Well, I’ve been thinking about the ingredients that I like to add to my traveling experience and how it’s different from the average vacationer. This has been triggered mostly by people having a hard time categorizing my trip. –Enjoy your vacation! They say or –Are you here for work? Or pleasure?

Anyways, before I continue, I prepared this post with gorgeous vintage posters of the places I’m visiting. Nothing makes me more nostalgic and excited about traveling than looking at these traveling vintage posters.

I ask you –Do you like to travel? If so, have you ever asked yourself what type of traveler are you?

I love traveling, I have an endless longing for traveling, even in a middle of the trip the desire never ceases.

I often ask myself —Where does this love for traveling come from?

There are so many different ways to travel. When I was a kid I witnessed my mother traveling endlessly. She was an avid traveler, and her work took her around the world. I think traveling is contagious and she gave it to me, no doubt.

I knew from an early age that there were different ways to travel and different ways to take a vacation and more importantly a vacation doesn’t always mean traveling and a trip doesn’t always mean vacation.

My dream travels look the exact opposite of the common vacationer, so I wanted to share what I think traveling like this is, traveling with purpose!

Tips for traveling with purpose - Florida vintage postcards

Florida poster by Unknown & Ft Lauderdale poster by Kerne Erickson

Tips for traveling with purpose

• Traveling is more about immersion than relaxing:

My work and day-to-day life are completely intertwined with a relaxed and rested version of me, all the while immersing myself in the destination’s culture, traditions and people. Or the same activities with friends I already know and/or family members.

• Traveling is a regular activity and not a once a year occasion:

No matter how many days or how far you go (even if you are going 10 blocks away for 24 hours) removing yourself from the same routine and the same day-to-day environment nurtures your creativity and fills you up with ideas, inspiration, a different perspective, opportunities for contemplation and it stimulates your senses to something new.

• When traveling with family and friends, change the dynamics

Removing yourself from your daily routines and from your daily relationship dynamics works as a mental and emotional cleanse. Change roles with your family and plan activities that are simple and you never did before. Maybe it’s a picnic or a game, or maybe you all plan the trip together instead of only one person. Maybe you decide to travel without phones or decide to all take pictures and have a picture contest with prizes. There are many ways to get creative here! This is a fun way to  get out of your comfort zone and really be away from home. Sometimes you can go far away from home in distance, but if you are saying and doing those same things you say and do every day at home, it stills feels like home and the traveling magic can’t really do its magic!

• Make an effort to leave it better than how you find it:

I like getting involved with the culture and to contribute and be part of the day-to-day social scenario where I go. Remember to be a doer and a giver more than a taker. Instead of thinking: “What can I get from this place/experience/trip? Turn it around to: “What can I give to this place/experience/trip? —Sometimes it’s more smiles, other times it is giving your time as a volunteer and other times it’s just about the attitude and our energy we pass around.

• Always mix traveling with other passions:

I love running, hiking, painting, meditating, cooking and giving talks wherever I go. I also reach out to do these activities with new friends or with old friends/family I am visiting. I’m, of course, not always able to do all of these things yet even when doing just one, there is a considerable fulfillment that comes from sharing and doing what you love with new people, or in a new environment.

Tips for traveling with purpose - puerto rico miami posters

Puerto Rico poster by Frank Nicholson – Miami poster by Andy Gregg & Joel Anderson 

Looking back, my mom’s love for travel and culture made a huge impact on me. She made sure we traveled around our country immersing ourselves deeply into people’s cultures and ways of living. Traveling like that was a huge theme in our lives and I loved that our time traveling had such a purposeful agenda!

This Labor Day weekend and anytime you are able to, make sure you get away, take some time to connect with other cultures and explore your creativity in a different environment. If you can’t do anything big financially, maybe volunteer together with your family and help others while you connect with your family. Think of hikes, picnics, exercising, mini retreats you can do. Even in the most chaotic life, a purposeful trip (or getaway) can always be done. We need to renew our energy, our creativity and our connections to our space and the people around us often and regularly.

I used to think I was the only one in the world that loved to travel while working, creating and getting socially involved. I also used to think that traveling was expensive. Now, thanks to technology and so many people sharing their traveling experiences I know that not only am I not alone with this traveling mindset, there is a huge community out there of Digital Nomads wanting to travel for different purposes.

I’m curious. What’s your ideal traveling situation? What type of traveler are you? Share your Labor Day plans with us, we’d love to hear about your traveling adventures!

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