7 Awesome Tools of the Trade that We Can’t Live Without

We are always thinking how essential some of the tools we use are. As creative entrepreneurs that work from home there are specific tools that make our everyday flow easier, leaving us with more time and energy to be creative. This list contains all of our essential productivity tools. Believe us, these 7 tools of the trade are things that we can’t live without!



boomerang-for-gmailBoomerang: Top favorite! Boomerang for Gmail lets you schedule emails for those cases where you don’t want people to know you are sending emails at 1am. Future emails can be sent today through the scheduling features.

Another amazing Boomerang feature is that it allows you to return an email to the top of your inbox (hint the brand name Boomerang). You can “boomerang” an email you sent or received, at a specific time and date as a reminder. This is the best tool out there for when you need to remind yourself to follow up on something in the future.


Boomerang also offers the Boomerang Google Calendar extension. This app makes all date related words within emails become clickable so you can add them to your calendar easily. It also offers great tools for scheduling meetings and it makes it easy for a group of people to decide a meeting day, even if they don’t have Gmail or Google Calendar. If you were only going to pick one of these tools it would have to be this one!


unrollme-logoUnrollme: This is a great app that helps you manage your email subscriptions (aka newsletters). When you subscribe to unrollme, you grant the app to go into your email and identify all your subscriptions. Then the app walks you through a re-selecting stage where you choose which subscription you still want. If you choose to roll it, that means it will be included in the daily roll – an email you get with all your subscriptions. The daily roll is so EASY to see.


It has a clear and simple graphical view of all the subscriptions you receive in one day. You can choose at what time you would like to receive it. I choose to read my roll at night. I presume most people like it in the morning. Thanks to this app my inbox is clear of clutter. Even though it is clutter I want, I like to be organized and see it only once a day please. Thanks Unrollme! Simple ideas that make a difference.


Web Productivity Help

textexpander-logoTextExpander: When I first heard about TextExpander I thought I really didn’t need it. But let me tell you we all need TextExpander. You install this app on your desktop and you will use it to program keyword shortcuts that will expand into your most used words and phrases. I created shortcuts to my most visited websites, my most used phrases, to correct my most common typos and of course for all my main identity wordage such as name, address and so on. TextExpander has some very useful integrations for the entrepreneur. For example you can create bitly links without having to go to the bitly website. If you work with code often it has all the shortcuts for html and css integrated.





trello-logo-blueTrello: If you are a planner you need Trello. Trello lets you make infinite numbers of boards which hold infinite numbers of lists. Each list hold cards and in those cards you can add all sorts of information. Trello is full of infinite possibilities for personal planning, for team planning, for project managing and for scheduling. It will be easier if you start using it than me trying to explain it. All I can say is that I have almost 30 boards at the present moment. Oh, and it’s addicting and free.




Social Media Help

Feed eradicator: This is a Chrome extension that goes into your Facebook and substitutes the main timeline for a productivity quote. It allows you to do everything else on Facebook except see the timeline. You can post on your timeline, write and respond to messages, go to your groups and even chat. After I started using this app I was blown away about how many times I would click on the “home” button almost by inertia. With this app I can go in there and use my social media time wisely without getting hooked into the endless timeline scrolling.




Keeper_(Password_Manager)_LogoKeeper: I’ve used a number of password manager apps and this one is my favorite. They have a free version, but I’m now into my 4th year of using the paid version (because I want to have the app on 3 devices) and I love it. Logging into websites has never been so easy and smooth. This app also allows you to keep an import file and you can have shared passwords or files with someone else. If you have your passwords covered you might skip this one, but if you don’t I recommend it 100%. Also make sure you change your main passwords often. I like using phrases that remind me of my short term goals.


Website/Blogging Help

rapidology-logoRapidology: We recently discovered this tool and used it right away on our licensing website. This is a WordPress extension that allows you to have all sorts of different types of newsletter opt-ins. It’s very easy to use and it has plenty of different options to choose from. Our website is new and we haven’t collected emails with it yet but the reviews about this tool are really good. It’s made by LeadPages which is another of my favorites.




ommwrite-logoOmmWriter: This is a writing environment that separates you from all other applications opened in your computer. You can use it with a calming background music or no music if you want. It helps you concentrate on the writing, so there is nothing else to format but just write. You can leave all your applications opened but this writer acts like you went to another room in your same computer and shut the door! Very helpful!


What does your list of awesome tools of the trade look like? We’d love to hear your experiences with other tools, or if you’ve used any of these, let us know, are they on your “can’t live without this!” list?


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    Thank you for this list!! I haven’t heard of a lot of it! :D

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