Top 20 Favorite Handwritten Cursive Fonts

There are so many cool handwritten cursive fonts or just cool fonts in general nowadays that it’s hard to keep up! I get overwhelmed with so many options, I am often looking at them and wanting to have them all, but in the end, I can’t really have them all because, well, we don’t really need them all.

And you know what? Like with clothes, we tend to use the ones we love the most, more often, even if we have hundreds, we get used to a small percentage of them anyways.

So, making a list of favorite fonts is always a great idea, it’s nice to have them handy for design, for the Blog, for use in Social Media graphics. No need to go in and spend a significant amount of hours looking within a huge list of fonts.

This list of 20 favorite handwritten cursive fonts that we are sharing today contains lots of our go-to ones and some of the ones we haven’t used yet but we LOVE so much! Get the link for each one of them below.


20 Favorite Handwritten Cursive Fonts


Amulhed – Annifont – Callie Hand – Delicious Pro – Kg Eyes Wide Open
Habaneros – Harman Script – Harrlems – Charlotte Script – Learning Curve
Rabusto – Manhattan – Northwell – Better Times – Bellwethers
May Wilde – Cartel Deux – Ooh Baby ROB – Foxing – Hello Sunshine


Some of them are free, and some not. Our favorite place to find fonts are Creative Market, MyFonts and I recommend signing up for Creative Market’s newsletter because they have free fonts and graphics every week! Also, also offers some free fonts and amazing sales on their fonts from time to time on their newsletter.

Some of the fonts in this list of handwritten cursive fonts we got for free in one of the offers 🙂

Do you use any of these? Or do you have another favorite one? We would love to know! Check out other fonts we love too!


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