Top 5 tools to use in PicMonkey

I want to share these Top 5 tools to use in PicMonkey. For those of you out there using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress, etc. and should I ask, who isn’t using any of those?

Anyways, I hope my little list can come in handy for you. Specially for those of you that are still resisting learning Photoshop. Also, have I mentioned PicMonkey is FREE? Yes! FREE! (FYI they will start a premium paid option soon booo!).

Here are the Top 5 tools to use in PicMonkey:

1. Painting or adding already made doodles:

Doodles are very trendy right now. They specially look great if you overlay a white doodle over a dark area of your photo. PicMonkey has a variaty for you to pick from but you could also use the “Draw tool” and draw your own. The arrow I used is from the “Overlay” PicMonkey library.

2. Recoloring any area:

With the “Curves tool” you can recolor any area of your photo or your collage. I used it to re-color our Dari Design Studio logo and PicMonkey’s logo as well. When you are working with an especific color combo you are going to have to change the color of some images.

3. Cool and fun banners for text

This tool is also under the “Overlay” area. You can find labels, banners, bubbles, etc. I have even used one of the arrows as a background to overlay text on it. I used a nice and simple bubble and a standard square for key information about the event.

4. Using seasonal artwork or uploading your own

You can use all the seasonal tools that PicMonkey provides (including photos and artwork) for personal use only. You can also upload your own. In this case I uploaded a snowflake into my collage through the “Overlay” area of photo editing. Once there I changed the color, size and transparency accordingly.

5. Using modern and unique fonts

So many times we want to add a quick little message to a photo or just point out something specific in the photo. Also the variaty of fonts allows for cute and clever photo watermarks without making the photo completely unappealing. I used “Quicksand” for the tittle of my promo ad.

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