Two New Paths for Dari Design


The one thing people always say to us is – You guys are so lucky, I could never work with my sister! And the thing is – We know!! We are super lucky!! We’ve always known our sisterhood is a special one. We always felt an undeniable bond a feeling of knowing each other beyond this life experience.

For as long as we remember there is a strong link between us that made us want to create, share and discover the world together.

That’s why we embarked on many adventures together and many of those led us to create Dari Design Studio. The ride has been beyond fulfilling because together we have dreamed, expanded, explored, created and made amazing things happen that we couldn’t have imagined in our wildest dreams. Back in Venezuela when we were in our early twenties if someone had told us the things we would do together we’d had laugh out loud! No doubt!!


Today our journey together as Dari Design Studio comes to an end.

Together we decided that it was time for our individual goals to expand and grow independently and to dedicate space, energy and time to them personally rather than as part of a whole. In the midst of this realization, there were lots of unknown parts but also certainty and excitement of what is to come.

Dari Design gave us a field to recognize and embrace unique callings that were unpredictably hatching in us. We realized that together these callings were losing their relevance and contributing to an incongruent brand rather than benefiting the whole and providing full potential value to our clients.

We also realized that we were craving different lifestyle and career preferences. And to grant us the freedom and the permission to pursue them will be the best gift we could give to each other.

As things change around us life becomes sweeter when we stay open to change and flexible to go with the flow.

Our sister-spark shines brighter than ever! We are sure our creativity will cross paths again and when that happens you will be the first one we’ll share it with!

This blog will always be here as reference to what we did and to provide help to others that we know usually get to it searching for answers in photography, surface pattern design, and trade show exhibits. Below you can read a little of where you can find us individually from now on.



Having a partner like Dari all these years has taught me so much, I know that what we have achieved together here is a foundation for what’s yet to come in my life. I am very excited for new ventures!

I will keep blogging in my lifestyle blog: MamiTalks which I plan to grow more, so you can find me there for sure. As for design and photography, I will keep doing both, I will continue creating surface pattern designs which is something I LOVE.

Keep in touch with me on my Insta: @darielacruz for more details on exactly how will I approach my designs. I hope to keep inspiring you with bold colors, photos, and patterns!



Dari Design and everything we created together have been such foundation for my life. I know I am very lucky to have my one and only talented sister. I learn from her daily!! I am excited to see the new ways in which our lives will intertwine and the new dynamics that we’ll create. It’s never done and it’s always good!

I’m also looking forward to this new phase of my career. My transition will flow organically, you can keep following me on Instagram to see what I’ve been up to. I will keep doing art and coaching artists. As soon as I make more moves to define my new brand I will post them here so that you know where to find me.


Our paths will always be intertwined and we are excited for what the future holds for us, THANK YOU SO MUCH for following us here at our digital casa Dari Design Studio!


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