Coming Up: We All Grow Summit 2017!

We All Grow Summit 2017

We are so excited for next week! It’s time again for We All Grow Summit!! This will be our third year at the Summit and the second at the same hotel in Long Beach, Hotel Maya.

If you haven’t heard about We All Grow Summit, we’ve written several posts where you can learn a lot of what it is: Part 1, Part 2. But to tell you in a few words, this conference is for anyone that has a small business, for entrepreneurs, for bloggers, and for influencers. There is a lot of networking and learning tools of the trade. There are also several parties and yummy food to go with it all!

This time at We All Grow we are both speaking and not together, that means we have two different topics to offer!!

Here is a brief of what our sessions will be at We All Grow 2017:

Mindful Rituals to enhance your creative power

Dariana Cruz Creative Coach profile picture WAG -DariDesignStudio.comIf you feel overwhelmed most days, this circle is for you!

Rituals and healthy habits are the very essence of staying inspired, motivated, focused and strong through the ups and downs of your creative process and the ups and downs that come from putting yourself out there as a mujer entrepreneur.

We are at our best when our unique ideas are shining bright and flowing easily into purposeful content, tangible goods, life projects, story telling or unique offerings.

Caring for our creativity goes beyond our business. Creative fulfillment is the bloodstream of a meaningful life.

Are you easily distracted when you sit down to do your most important work? Is motivation sometimes difficult to find? Do you struggle to follow through with your ideas?

We are all different, yet we do have one thing in common: our capacity for undivided attention and purpose that expresses our unique messages.

I’m excited about being part of the wellness circles because they are intimate and very hands on. I love practical learning bits versus long talks. I hope you do too!

We will talk about: Morning Rituals, Daily MITs, Mind Body Rituals, Financial Rituals and Feeding your Creative Well. 

As we move through each Ritual, we’ll uncover clear prompts to discover individual action steps attendees can take to incorporate these in their everyday life. This session is based on real-world examples, on-the-spot practices and client success stories. There will be guided sharing, journaling, and self-reflection prompted by inspiring printed handouts.

You will leave with a strong notion and tools to start your new rituals as soon as possible, such as: Training oneself to take action in spite of “not feeling like it.” Keeping your focus on the journey and not the finish line. Making “discomfort” your friend. The importance of an accountability partner. Why procrastination is always fear and how to overcome it. And specific practices for “working from home.”

We All Grow Summit scenes


Use your DSLR the way it’s meant to be

Dariela Cruz Photographer profile picture WAG -DariDesignStudio.comI thought about this session while we were at WAG last year. Because I really love being able to help people with their images and I love watching how they get better and improve through time.

When I am at the conference, I usually have the chance to chat with friends more about their images in their blogs. I’ve realized that what helps people the most is when I explain it right there and share tips one-on-one.

That’s why instead of a big session this is part of mentorship programs that WAG is offering. I’m so excited!! I will even bring all the elements I use on my photography sessions to teach. Oh and don’t get me started on the DSLR! Many of you have one but you can really take more advantage of it right now!

Here is a little more on what I’ll be teaching:

  • Tips on how to style your photos with a hands-on product set.
  • Show me your photos and I’ll review them and give you feedback. I can even tell you if you’re on the right track and what you need to improve.
  • Bring your camera and let’s make magic! This is the best method to learn little tricks that only come up in the midst of the process.

Find more details of all We All Grow 2017 agenda here.

Friends at We All Grow Summit

We are always looking into finding opportunities to help you and inspire your creative growth! You can find what we are up to on our speaking and workshops page, where you can see the events coming up on the calendar. Hope to see you at We All Grow!!

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