We All Grow Summit: Here We Come!


We just finished packing! (really I just closed my luggage) We are ready to head over to Long Beach for an amazing weekend at We All Grow Summit!!

We All Grow Summit is a conference held annually in Los Angeles for latina professionals in the digital space. It’s a space all about support, smiles, courage, friendship, learning, getting out of our comfort zone, growing of course and inspiring one another.


The group that did the photography session last year!

Dariana: We can’t wait to connect with everyone there! This will be the first time for me and I’m already super excited about what’s to come. The conference has a special touch and unique gifts and experiences from the sponsors.

For the last couple weeks we have had the opportunity to sign up for extra special activities during the conference. An example of these activities is how they dedicate a whole day prior to the conference to field trip activities sponsored by different brands. Look at the options we got to pick from this year! And these field trips are just the start of the many surprises they have prepared for us! Imagine, one morning we’ll be getting a room service breakfast treat sponsored by Hass Avocados!

The anticipation has been building up and now finally the day has come and this whole experience aligns so well with my word of the year: CONNECT! And talking about connect, you are welcome to connect with me on social media (or by any other means) so we can share empowering experiences like this one!


Dariela: I participated last year and I loved it, I also taught a photography workshop. I can’t wait to take pictures of everything this year! The hotel design looks amazing with so much artwork around, plus the view there is incredible. Also, I am super excited because I will be participating in a session called Blog Design con Voz: Colors, Logos and Content that Speak Your Language with Elba Valverde and Lauren Garcia I get to talk about my passions: design, photography and typography! What else can I ask for?!




Are you attending the summit this year? Connect with us, we’d love to catch up with you!  If not, you can follow us on social media to hear more about this special event and why we enjoy it so much!

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